Nintendo’s latest Nintendo direct certainly got the internet and Nintendo fans excited for what’s coming up on Wii U. There was new games, new services and plenty of surprises. I’ve had a few days to digest what went down and thought I’d share my thoughts about each of the announcements.

1. New Miiverse Features.

I couldn’t care less that there’s official user accounts. This isn’t twitter. Nor am I too fussed that Miiverse will soon be available on mobile devices. Fair enough it’ll be cool to check it and reply whenever you want, and I’m glad to see that non-Wii U owners (or 3DS owners, in the future) won’t be able to have an account. As far as Nintendo TVii is concerned, Australia doesn’t have it yet, but after seeing how it’s integrated with Miiverse I’m super jealous of the Americans. For now I suppose we’ll have to make do with Zeebox.

Taking photos in Pikmin 3 using the gamepad an posting them to Miiverse? Sounds fun, but I’d still prefer a new Pokemon Snap game!

User created communities? Wii Fit U will have them and I hope the idea takes off to be included in more games. More than one official community for games? A good start. Filtering functions? It’s true some great posts get lost in the single stream layout of Miiverse, but for me half the fun is wading through them to see what’s going on. Filtering by category hopefully won’t take that interest away and have more cool stuff lost because people won’t see everything. These additions are about choices and how you like to use your Miiverse time though I suppose.

Wii Fit U will apparently feature rowing. So basically you'll be doing the work of four people.

Wii Fit U will apparently feature rowing. So basically you’ll be doing the work of four people.

How amazing was this that Iwata called out a few Miiverse user’s drawings during the presentation? Lucky guys, makes my Cool Miiverse Art¬†sections seem slightly less prestigious.

2. The System Upgrades.

Thanks for acknowledging peoples complaints here Nintendo. Improve the speed of the OS incrementally in 2 stages? Ok then, if it gets the job done.

3. Virtual Console.

Well finally. Here’s hoping we get a more steady stream of games with Wii U. Australia’s Virtual Console for Wii was abysmal, and we had to wait and wait for everything all the time, if we ever got it at all. Each game is getting Miiverse support. Excellent. A “special” price if you want to download a title you already have on Wii? Not so excellent. You will however be able to play on the gamepad and use Miiverse, and you have the option to play through the Wii Channel, so I suppose you can’t complain. I just hope these special prices are special in Australia as well. One dollar for a NES game and $1.50 for a SNES game. A price on the added functionality is reasonable, but only just.

The there’s the thirty cent NES titles. Very cool. I never played Balloon Fight, so I downloaded it and I can play it for thirty days for thirty cents. Why not?

Also, couldn’t Nintendo have designed a new logo or at least used a new font for the Virtual Console Logo? It’s a new machine after all…

4. The Games.

No new titles from Nintendo in January or February? First party games are always worth the wait so I don’t have a problem with this. No release date for Pikmin 3 is disappointing, though.

Olimar plans an incredible fruit salad for desert

Olimar plans an incredible fruit salad for dessert

The Wonderful 101 looks like a heap of fun. Bright, fast, colourful and full of humour. Sounds good. Waterslides? Even better. I’m looking forward to it.

Beyonetta 2 I’m not psyched for. I played the first one (only the first couple of hours, I must say) but I really couldn’t see what the fuss was about. I might have to go back and have another look. A lot of people certainly seem to be looking forward to it, not to mention pissed off that it’s Wii U exclusive. I hope it turns out great for the fans.

The two new Smash Bros. games. No new info? I thought there might have been. We’ll see it at E3 so it’s something to look forward to. Don’t mind waiting for this one.

New Mario and Mario Kart. Glad they’ll both be playable at E3. I don’t think there’ll be a new Galaxy game but. I can see more of a Mario 3D Land vibe, like a cross between Mario 64 and the Galaxy games.

A new Wii Party game? None of the footage impressed me. Probably because I bought and hated Wii Party. Like most people. I hope this one is much better. It can’t be much worse, that’s for sure. I can see gamepads going flying across the room playing that foozeball game.

Yoshi’s Epic Yarn. Looks exactly like Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Sure it was unexpected, and I never played the Kirby game. Hopefully as Iwata said, the game can showcase the kind of graphics Wii U is capable of. Yoshi looks cute but I can’t help but feel he deserved better than a game set in a style which appears to be a carbon copy of another mascot’s game. I hope it won’t be called Yoshi’s Epic Yarn.

Shin Megami Tensai cross Fire Emblem. I’m not going to pretend I know what Shin Megami Tensai is and I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game. I just don’t have the patience for those kind of turn based RPG’s, even though I’m told the series is amazing. A good one for the fans, I hope as an exclusive it becomes the envy of non Wii U owners.

Iwata also stated that Nintendo are working with many more development partners. Gooooood to see, although I have heard that before.

And then the big one. Zelda. Eiji Aonouma says the mission is to rethink the conventions of the series. Good. Non linear dungeons? Good. I’d say scrap the dungeons all together or at least weave them in to the game more seamlessly, something Skyward Sword started to bring in. Not having to play by yourself? This will be the most contentious issue among Zelda fans. Personally I don’t have a problem with controlling a second character in a Zelda game besides Link (although this might not even be what he meant) but I know a lot of fans will. Re-thinking conventions was the focus here though. An open world Zelda on the scale of something like Skyrim? Yes freaking please.

The next announcement from Eiji Aonouma was a remake of Wind Waker in HD for Wii U. Iwata added they were going to tune up the overall game experience. What this means is really anyone’s guess. Some people complained about the pacing and the long fetch-quest near the end of the game.

Wind Waker in HD will no doubt look amazing. Thanks to for this pic

Wind Waker in HD will no doubt look amazing. Thanks to for this pic

When you get the chance to address issues people had with your game, you’d most likely start with the big ones, which include the two I just mentioned. But I think there’s other things that need “tuning up” in Wind Waker. The speed at which the boat travelled was too slow. Make it sail faster. Also, playing songs with the baton was tedious and only served to remind people that Wind Waker was definitely not Ocarina Of Time. Scrap the playing and assign songs to a button press.

Iwata also said you’ll be able to use Miiverse in the remake. Good.

Finally it was the announcement that Monolith Soft were making a new game. They made Xenoblade and people crapped their pants over it. The new game “X” certainly impressed with it’s visuals, you’d have to think they’d improve even more by the games release. People have poured over every detail of the footage, I don’t know enough about JRPG’s or the Xenoblade world to do that. All I know is it’s going to be massive- and hopefully something for true hardcore Nintendo fans. Looks awesome.

. . .

How would you “tune up” Wind Waker? What excited you most about this Nintendo Direct? Let me know by leaving a comment! You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell and Miiverse: zinger_AU