I just discovered something while playing around with Wii U’s (very good) Internet Browser. We all know you can open and close curtains on the TV that hide what your looking at on the gamepad, by pressing X. But I found a few other cute little things Nintendo has thrown in…

  • Press and hold X and you’ll hear a drumroll. Release X and the curtains will open with a dramatic “ta-daa!”, accompanied by some pretty sparkles across the screen
  • The curtains change colour every time you open and close them
  • Leave the curtains closed for twenty seconds and your Mii will pop up. A few seconds later he’ll challenge you to a game of rock, paper, scissors.
  • Then he’ll start singing opera, then almost fall asleep
  • Next he’ll perform a magic trick, then start juggling

This is probably old news but I just came across it. I like the Internet Browser on Wii U, it’s easy to use and Youtube runs really smoothly. Better than through the Youtube app, I’d say.

  • The Nethermancer (FireRoller)

    It’s not always in that order. He also does a magic trick