Everyone likes to speculate when a new Nintendo Direct is coming up. The last one revealed two new Pokemon games for 3DS and barely anyone picked it. So when Iwata said there would be news on Wii U games and “services” they were working on, the internet went nuts. My predictions are as follows.

1. An update for the OS to make it run faster. Iwata said they are working on it.

2. Integration of Wii Channels into Wii U’s main menu.

3.  Integration of the Nintendo Shop Channel into the eShop and integration of your account/funds to your Nintendo Network ID.

4. A Pikmin 3 release date.

5. Some more details on Smash Bros. Wii U.

6. Announcing whatever the hell Retro studios is working on.

7. Announcing Miyamoto’s new eShop exclusive title.

You can speculate till the cows come home and everyone does. I just wanted to get my two cents in before tonight (or tomorrow morning 1am Australian DST)

  • Some interesting points!
    Hopefully they will release an OS update, just to streamline things a bit.
    I somehow don’t think they’ll do much more with regards to Wii stuff – they’ll keep it separate.
    Release dates – I do hope more come out!!
    Though I’m also hoping for Miiverse expansion news! Wish they would hurry up and release it on the 3DS!!