wiiulogoWhile Wii U’s situation has never been as dire as the internet made out, it was fashionable to promote the idea that Wii U had failed, full stop.

So back when sales weren’t meeting expectations anywhere in the world, Australia’s most present bricks-and-mortar gaming retailer decided that the “Wii U” was so irrelevant it didn’t even deserve a tab on their website’s navigation bar anymore.

They relegated it to a spot on the sub menu under “MORE”, back there with categories like “LOOT” and “PSP”.

Well, times have changed, EB.

Most gamers have gotten past the Wii U is dead (which in turn meant, of course, that Nintendo was dead) mentality and accepted the machine for what it is:

A platform for top quality first and second party Nintendo games that isn’t as successful as it’s predecessor, nor it’s current competition.

There’s a place for a third machine in this generation, and alternative to the current top two.

Wii U fills that spot perfectly, and there’s no denying Nintendo’s machine has not only the best line-up of exclusives of the three, but the best line up of games, full stop.

I think it’s time EB Games accepted this too, and pulled Wii U out from the category of “other” and let it live out the rest of it’s life in dignity with it’s own dedicated navigation tab.

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