wiiulogoWithout getting too far into fanboy territory, it’s pretty clear right now that Wii U offers some of the best current gen experiences there is.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s already four must-have exclusives on Wii U.

There’s none on Xbox One, and none on Playstation 4. I’m never one to diss other consoles, I will be getting a PS4 when the new Uncharted, Little Big Planet, or Gran Tourismo comes, and a Xbox One when there’s a new Gears Of War.

I’m just being realistic and saying that neither machine has a must own exclusive (and Infamous Second Son is not  must own).

Wii U is a bit older, but it already has four. Mario Kart 8 is coming on May 31, and that will take the total to five.

I’m preaching to the converted here, I realise, but after spending the last week playing nothing but Grand Theft Auto 5 and Gran Tourismo 6 on PS3, I realised I’d been missing my Wii U (and Miiverse) and had better show it some love.

What are the four must own exclusives? NintendoLand, Lego City Undercover, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Super Mario 3D Land. Pikmin 3 was great, but I could take it or leave it.

Are these games must own for you? Leave a comment!

  • psykotronn

    I love my WiiU got a XB1 , 360 PS4 and PS4 also the 3DS and I hate the Vita right now. Mario Kart is gonna kick butt cant wait

    • psykotronn

      I meant ps3 lol not two ps4s

  • Sandow

    You’d really out ‘Nintendoland’ as a must own exclusive? It’s garbage …
    Pikmin 3 is way more deserving to be on the list.

    • Yeah I just think NintendoLand is a completely unique experience. Get five players in the room and it turns into a must play.

      Pikmin 3 is certainly deserving but I did feel like I’d done it all before, even though the gamepad use was exceptional.