gamecubeconsoleIt’s great news (nah) that Pilotwings is coming to the eShop via Virtual Console next week. A classic SNES game, and we’ve had a few others like Super Mario World released recently too.

But where are the games that people are really looking for, the Gamecube games? Miyamoto recently said he didn’t know what direction to take the F-Zero franchise in. Here’s an idea. A HD update of F-Zero GX over the eShop with Miiverse integration. Make the gamepad a map or a rear vision mirror. Simple. How about a HD update of Waverace Blue Storm? I’d download it no matter what it costs. Look at the success of the Classics HD Collection on Playstation 3.

I doubt Nintendo are ever going to put in the effort of updating the visuals just for Virtual Console, but I reckon a solid library of Gamecube games at the right price might tip the scales for those older, more hardcore focused gamers thinking about picking up a Wii U.