skipThere’s some sports games that are skipping Wii U in 13/14. Madden 14 is one of them. No one in Australia cares. WWE 2k14 is also not coming. No one in Australia cares about that either. FIFA 14 isn’t coming either. Some people I’m sure are caring about that. I know my room mates would be if they were Wii U owners. They’ll just buy the 360 version. Wii U must have such a tiny install base that developers are just shunning it. I don’t give a crap about any of these games, but surely Wii U isn’t performing worse than PS3 was in the early days, and there was still FIFA titles every year for the system. It must be down to demographic then. But have a look at Miiverse and Wii U’s loading screen right now. Monster Hunter 3 and Injustice, as well as the Resident Evil Revelations demo are among the most popular. Maybe these non hardcore players don’t like sports games. Thanks to for the pic.