fireballJust over three months into Wii U’s life, the internet is littered with articles about Nintendo’s impending doom and the failure of Wii U. So many websites are offering Nintendo advice about how they can “save” the Wii U and what to do to ensure it isn’t a total failure. These kind of articles are inescapable at the moment. It doesn’t help that the internet’s resident idiot (fair enough he’s a successful one) Michael Pachter is shooting his mouth off every five seconds about how the Wii U isn’t selling, how it’s a flop and how it will sink Nintendo as a company. I have been writing my blog for nearly two years, and from the very start I have made a conscious decision not to write any sensationalist, “hit bait” headlines. exists as a hobby for myself and for Nintendo fans to read and hopefully enjoy. I don’t want to antagonise anyone, encourage trolls or offend anyone with silly fanboy rhetoric. My point is, I believe most of these “Nintendo is doomed” articles are written for a specific purpose. To antagonise. I go to a few different sites every day., and are on my daily rotation. I also visit every day. That’s where I see these kinds of ridiculous headlines, and I will admit I have been reading the articles. But I won’t be anymore. I don’t need people who really don’t know what they’re talking about telling me Wii U is a failure just because it’s not selling as well as anticipated. From now on I won’t be giving these sensationalist articles any of my time, nor will I be reading anything Michael Pachter has to say. I hope others start to do the same. That concludes my rant.