DixiekongI just remembered about the DKCR 3D trailer on the 3DS eShop. I just had to download it (with the intriguing promise of updates to the software. Whatever could that mean?) and I’ve gotta say I was left underwhelmed. I’m not sure why Satoru Shibata said the game was built from the ground up for 3DS, when it’s clearly a remake. There’s no point posting a link to the trailer because obviously you need the 3DS screen to watch it properly, but even in 3D it’s nothing special. Here’s hoping the game looks better and has some great new elements before it’s released. I’d like to see the difficulty taken down a notch (yes) and for more characters like Dixie to be playable. Brand new levels and an online leader board wouldn’t hurt either. Thanks to DKWiki.com for the pic of Dixie. She cool.