rabbit1There’s been times in the past where I haven’t even picked up my 3DS for a week or more, but the free to play Nintendo Badge Arcade has me coming back every day.

Badge Arcade is a simple online skill tester game with dozens of little Nintendo themed badges to collect and decorate Miiverse or the 3DS interface with.

The game is hosted by an adorable little rabbit whose quips and overall attitude will make you smile every day.

You can pay $1.30 for five chances at clawing some new badges, but Nintendo are being very generous with the freebies.

You’ll get five practice goes every day, but they’ll drop in a few free, for real goes here and there.

Thanks dude.

Thanks dude.

The arcade updates every single day, so every day you miss visiting, you’re missing opportunities to collect the badges for free.

So far I’ve collected 46 badges and I haven’t even spent a cent.

If you haven’t downloaded this little eShop gem yet, do so immediately.

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