smashlogoOnce Bayonetta and that Fire Emblem guy arrive sometime next year, Smash 4’s final roster will be set.

A fair while ago I compiled my dream roster for the (then untitled) new Super Smash Bros. game.

It turns out that of the twelve characters I detailed, four actually made it into the game(s).

That’s a pretty impressive one third of my list, even though I did initially include Mii characters as a joke.

At the time I thought it was going a step too far to allow Mii’s to be playable in a game of such distinct pedigree.

However, Sakurai and the team made it work- and work quite well, according to someone I spoke to who plays at tournament level.

I’m still bummed about Bayonetta getting a start over Travis Touchdown, and that another fire emblem character gets in over someone like Girahim- but with a line up of fighters this robust and varied, I wouldn’t dare complain.

Given the doors are well and truly open to third party characters now, I’m sure Nintendo are already taking expressions of interest for the next game.


Rosalina can breathe easy now she’s not the biggest queue jumper in the game.

There’s a certain level of prestige connected with an appearance in Smash, especially for third party characters, so I hope Nintendo remembers to keep the club exclusive in the future.

Having said that, my money’s on Shovel Knight appearing in the next game, as well as The Player from Minecraft (who I was sure was going to win the ballot).

Nintendo will have Elma or Lin from Xenoblade Chronicles X, among others from their own stable, but I’ll tell you what:

If Wii Fit Trainer can get a start, that awesome pink rabbit from Nintendo Badge Arcade on the 3DS can too. I love that guy.

Make it happen, Nintendo.

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