tankI downloaded the free to play version of Tank! Tank! Tank! from the eShop (typing the capital “S” in eShop is so annoying) last night and had a chance to play it with some friends today. And I have to say as a party game it’s quite a bit of fun. I paid $3 for the My Kong mode, which is by far the most entertaining, and I’m telling you it was worth the purchase. Party games are meant to be fun in short bursts with a bunch of friends. While I’m disappointed there’s no 5 player option, there’s definitely fun to be had with TTT. Remember this is an arcade port, so it’s not exactly a deep, rewarding experience. But for those who are complaining there’s nothing to play (I’ve gotta say I am already over Nintendo Land) on Wii U I say give TTT a go while My Kong mode is $3. It’s entertaining and I can see my friends and I coming back to it. There’s also three other multiplayer modes to play for free. You need to pay $3.45 for each extra map, but even at a total of $37 (for all multiplayer maps, or less if you just want a couple) I reckon it’s worth the money. I’m skipping the single player campaign which costs $15.95. Play it with some friends, it’s cool. I really hope we see more of this type of thing (i.e. options) when it comes to purchasing software on eShop.