nmh3With the announcement of Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture’s new title Killer Is Dead last week, it seems at this stage the game will skip Wii U. I’ve been drafting a list of Nintendo series I would like to see make a return, and last week’s news put No More Heroes at the front of my mind. I know it’s not Nintendo’s own series, but the first two games were Wii exclusives, (Heroes Paradise was an enhanced port of the original for PS3) a Nintendo machine gave the series life.

The No More Heroes games were awesome third person action games that made sensible use of the Wii remote and nunchuck combo. The developers understood the limitations of non motion plus remotes and adjusted the use of motion controls accordingly. A flick of the remote or nunchuck left or right, or up or down at the correct time to pull off a wrestling move or a katana strike was as simple and satisfying as it promised to be.


I wrote a bit more about both the games in a piece I did a while ago. You can read it here.

The player controlled Travis Touchdown. A wise cracking, lazy slacker with a penchant for porn, wrestling, and manga. One day he decides to become an assassin. You basically needed to work your way to the rank of number one assassin by killing off ridiculously over the top bosses one by one. There was also side quests and mini games in between to earn money to get to the boss fights. The two games handled the side quests and mini games very, very differently, and which game did it better is still a topic for debate.


I see some amazing possibilities for No More Heroes on Wii U. First of all bring back the over world. Although it was widely criticised for being sparse and lifeless, I think it was nicely designed, had a unique atmosphere and had some worthy landmarks like the beachside and the stadium. It would be a shame to never see Santa Destroy again. It needs to be more populated and interactive next time around, obviously. I remember deliberately running people over on the bike and they just clumsily moved out of the way and kept on walking. Easy going, the folks of Santa Destroy were. I really want to ride that motorbike around again, speeding on my way to missions and using the gamepad as a map.


I see the player drawing a short pattern on the touch screen, like a semi circle or S shape to correspond to a different wrestling move. I also see potential to take the ninja star throwing action we saw in Nintendo Land to more frantic and violent levels. Take out a horde of goons by throwing ninja stars or other projectiles found in the environment with a swipe up the touchscreen. Out of the gamepad and into the TV.


I also reckon the dark side mode (where Travis went into a “trance” and had different powers for a short period) could be handled through the gamepad screen only. As you transition into dark side mode you could look at the gamepad and see through the eyes of a madman. Maybe move the pad around to lock on to enemies to hunt them down. Dark Side Mode.

Also, full camera control goes without saying. This was something the first two games missed out on. You could play Desperate Struggle with the classic controller but there was no analogue camera control. I’m not sure if it was down to processing power or what, but with Wii U that won’t be a problem.


Suda 51 has previously stated he would like to bring the series to Wii U with a new protagonist. I really hope it happens, with or without Travis. And it needs to be a Wii U exclusive, of course.

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