cooljetsMiiverse is the friendly social network. It is heavily moderated by Nintendo and that’s a good thing. It really is. No one needs trolls or bullies in a social environment. But how do you stop them? You have rules, you enforce rules, and you moderate the hell out of posts and profiles. And Nintendo does.

It’s fair enough, it’s Nintendo’s service and if you want to be a part of it you play by the rules. I get all that. And I agreed with the heavy moderation even though I had heard from various people how unfair it was that their posts we being deleted for no reason. I’ve gotta say I didn’t believe users were having their posts deleted by administrators for no reason. Until it happened to me.

On Saturday I posted in the F-Zero Community. I never recall playing the original SNES version of the game, and found the sound of the engines to be annoying. Miiverse is supposed to be somewhere to let others know how you feel about a game. Here’s exactly what I wrote, freehand:

“The sound of the engines is sooooo annoying. Like a screech. Worth 30c but!”

Later that afternoon I checked back in with Miiverse. I had 2 messages. Both from Miiverse moderators. The first said:

“Your post was removed because it contained personal information. For more information please see Miiverse Code of Conduct. Continued violations may result in restrictions on your use of Miiverse.”

Hmmm. Personal information? How’s that Nintendo? Could the moderation software have picked up my freehand “soooooo” as a telephone number? I couldn’t think of any other reason. There was nothing at all in the post that could be construed as “personal information”. I sent the administrator a reply from one of the preset response choices, saying I did not violate the terms and conditions.

The second message from the administrator was more lengthy. It read:

“Your profile display has been restricted because it contains information related to an outside service such as username or ID) or links to external websites which could be used to contact you directly. The sharing of personal information is prohibited by the Miiverse Code of Conduct. Edit your profile and contact us by replying to this message to lift the restriction. For information on the proper use of Miiverse, please see the Miiverse Code of Conduct. Continued violations may result in restrictions on your use of Miiverse.”

Well, from day one, I had the name of this blog and also my twitter account name on my Miiverse profile. So ok, I violated the terms and conditions. Guilty. So, I had a look at my profile page. The information was still visible. I logged into my friends user ID on my Wii U and looked myself up on Miiverse. The information had been replaced with hyphens.

So, I removed the personal information from my profile page and messaged Nintendo to say I’d done so. I did however replace it with a smart ass dig at Nintendo. I’m allowed to keep that up, though. Have a look what I wrote by looking me up on Miiverse: zinger_AU.

I got a reply back from the administrator about my first post containing personal information. Their response was:

“We have checked the reported content and have determined it is in violation of the Miiverse Code of Conduct…”

So, I decided to have a read of the Miiverse Code of Conduct. I couldn’t find anywhere that said anything about anything I wrote in my post violating their code of conduct. I noticed in their response “the reported content”. I decided to post the same thing again in the F-Zero community. Hand written and typed. Just to see what would happen.

Nothing happened. The posts were allowed to stay on Miiverse, be commented on and given “Yeahs”. Perhaps the moderators haven’t seen them yet, or perhaps my freehand writing in the original post looked different to my second one. Maybe my post had been deleted because my profile had been flagged. I had posted other stuff that was allowed during that time, so that wasn’t the answer. So who knows?

What I do know is that Miiverse is a fantastic, positive social network and it’s kept that way through heavy moderation. But given the success of the service and it almost universally being praised by users, you would think the moderation would be done a little more sensibly. Sour grapes? Maybe, but I’d still like to see Nintendo relax the rules a little bit to ensure Miiverse survives into the future with a varied and satisfied user base.

What do you think about the heavy moderation in Miivese? Does it go too far? Leave a comment and let me know. You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell or Miiverse: zinger_AU. You can also buy that T-Shirt at

  • Missinko009

    I recently received a two week ban for posting links to my informative gamer blog in response to the numerous posts requesting information on Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online. I didn’t do any spamming of any kind. When asked, I posted relevant information regarding the game and commented as best as I could on the Japanese Miiverse community despite the character limit for posts. Then, I would offer the link for additional information. It’s an RPG only available in Japan at the moment, yet many Americans and Europeans have been curious about the game. The Miiverse admins banned me on the grounds that I could be contacted directly via e-mail or something to that effect (Which isn’t true at all. You can not contact me directly and I have it setup so that third parties can view all posts, eliminating any possibility of child predatory acts…which Nintendo desperately tries to avoid.). I moderate all comments & posts appropriately and haven’t had any at this time.I’ve done fairly extensive research on the game ever since it was featured in an issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. So, to say the least, I’m a tad upset that I can’t share my knowledge. I’ve got the whole thing listed on my blog at:

    I want to call them and say that they’ve made a terrible mistake…

  • Icee

    I was just saying how Zelda a link between worlds was cool and n stuff and the administrator send me a message saying what I was saying had nothing to with the
    conversation other people were talking about.

  • SarahKahlan

    I posted an original fanart of Gaius on the FEA community and it got deleted for a violation of some sort -.-

  • Oni Ichimaru

    lol I get reported for posting Project M friend codes.

    • Drew

      Actually mentioning Project M in any Miiverse channel is considered criminal activity. Mods and hacking programs are considered criminal activity. Even if you say PM when referring to the hour will get you innocently banned.

  • Master Quester

    I was banned two weeks ago because I was trying to help defend against a bully. I never assaulted him directly but I still got banned. I feel that the admins need to actually READ the the posts before deleting them.

    • Yeah it’s upsetting, and it’s still going on today.

      People share all sorts of examples with me where their posts have been deleted and others’ who clearly break the rules (such as posts that are nothing to do with games) get to stay up…

  • I love nintendo, I really feel like the sun shines out of their ass most of the time, but when it comes to the Miiverse, there’s no way it can be considered a service… it’s more like a serve-us.

    Nintendo need to really back off, it’s not helping their kiddy company image, when they only seem to cater to freaking children.

  • stoli5

    The problem with the miiverse admins is that their bans and actions are arbitrary and subjective, and there is little recourse for getting them to reverse or reconsider a decision.

    For instance, if I say “hack” as an in-game glitch, and someone else says “hack” as to otherwise fiddle with the system, I got the ban, and the other guy gets off Scot-free.

    If you complain about another’s behavior in the community, that’ll get you slapped too. Meanwhile, the offender enjoys pretty much free-reign. It’s a paradise for seasoned passive-aggressive trolls.

  • PK

    My comment got deleted because the mods stupidly assumed something as usual. My friend and I troll on Miiverse and one day, after we trolled the crap out of at least 5 people, my friend decided to comment on one of my posts. He wrote something silly and I replied with, “Lol shut up xD” NONE of our troll posts/comments/replies were deleted but my reply to my friend was.. ?_? Moderator logic..
    An other comment I made on an other friend’s post was also deleted. While comforting her, I referred to the bully as a ‘jerk’ which I’m assuming was the reason my post was deleted. Its not just that either, my younger sister got banned for sharing friend codes too.. -.-

  • Spade ASF 24

    I got a 1 week ban for sharing my 3DS Friend code. I got overkilled by having an inappropriate name, [sPADE] Thats how babies are born.

  • Have the same problem going on with the profile information nonsens. I wrote “(you can also find me on Youtube and tumblr)”, no name nor a link added. And my profil is invisible for visitors. Funny enough, I tried to report a friend who wrote his whole Youtube name as “YTC: NAME” in his profile for testing. And guess what, I reported him TWICE and his profile is STILL NOT restricted! I Can’t even reply to the admins even though they wrote that I should answer them on their own message! I even wrote a Mail to the support yesterday. I wonder how long it will take to get an answer to that. It’s absolut bullshit!