2DSThere isn’t one.

Fair enough there’s another name added to the mix, but the 2DS is just another SKU of the popular 3DS handheld. Think about how little explanation it really needs. It’s a cheaper 3DS machine that plays all DS and 3DS games, but there’s no 3D screen. It’s aimed at younger gamers, those aged 5 or 6. That’s really about all, isn’t it?

Nintendo naysayers on the internet are arguing the new machine will just confuse buyers, and do little to move the DS brand forward. I disagree.

Surely any parent buying a new toy for their kid worth a hundred plus dollars is going to walk into a store and make sure they buy the right thing. Fair enough buyers not in the know might be confused at first about what the differences between the machines are, but any sales person will be able to set them straight pretty quickly.

Likewise, if you’re buying off a website there’ll be information about the machine and what it can and can’t do. And again, if you’re going to buy something worth a hundred or so bucks, you should do your research first.

I will agree that instead of the unusual and surprising decision to release a new SKU of an already established and top selling platform, Nintendo might do better focusing its efforts on generating momentum for their ailing home console. It’s a pretty baffling move, but then again I’m not running one of the world’s most successful and enduring companies, and I trust that the people at the top of Nintendo know what they’re doing. You don’t go to the trouble of designing and manufacturing a new SKU of anything if there isn’t a market for it.

And don’t ask me to remember Wii mini, because I can’t find any sales figures for it.

Nintendo 2DS will be available in Australia on the 12th of October for $149.95 rrp.

  • doofus

    It is dog ugly, though. Nintendo haters will just complain about everything, becasue everything they ever do spells the end of the company. It will just confuse dumb people.