My Top Ten Games Of All Time


Rusty_Shell_IconLike music and movies, games and game franchises blow in and out of the collective psyches of enthusiasts like the wind.

Some you’ll play and forget, some you’ll play and remember.

Some you’ll fall in love with and come back to time and time again.

But on the very, very rare occasion, you’ll play a game that leaves an indelible mark on the very fibre of your gaming conscious.

For me, these are the kinds of games that reassure me there’s nothing better I could be doing with my time than sitting in front of a television with a controller in my hand.

They’re the kind of games that remind me exactly why I stopped apologising for my favourite past time years ago.

But most of all, they’re the kind of games that remind me how lucky I am to be in a financial and social position to experience them at all.

These are my top ten games of all time…

10. PURE (2008)


PUREI love me a good racing game, from the pick-up-and-play cartoon mayhem of the Mario Kart games, to the realistic simulation experience found in the Gran Tourismo series.

In between those two ends of the genre’s spectrum is where you’ll find PURE, an all-terrain vehicle racer that sees you performing the most outrageous stunts imaginable in realistic environments inspired by real world locations…

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9. Ad Infinitum (1984)


ad_infinitumEvery platform has tonnes of hidden gems, and I love telling people about them just as much as I love being told about them.

Anyway, my number nine game of all time, the 1984 shareware title Ad Infinitum, is “hidden gem” personified.

It’s a true indie masterpiece- a single button space shooter that put the big name titles in the genre to shame…

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8. Wave Race Blue Storm (2001)


waveraceboxHaving not been a fan of the Nintendo 64 or Gameboy Advance Wave Race games, I never imagined Blue Storm would go on to be one of the most played on my Gamecube, or that I’d still be going back and playing it to this day.

Dazzling graphics, sophisticated physics, nuanced controls, impressive locations- these are all tried and true ways for a racer to stand out from the pack.

But there’s one thing Wave Race Blue Storm has that a lot of racers don’t- well designed tracks to race on.

That’s what keeps you coming back for more, no matter how much time goes by…

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7. Cannon Fodder (1993)


cannonboxLong before Modern Warfare 2, a war game that deliberately went out of its way to attract superficial controversy and outrage with its content- there was Cannon Fodder.

A war game that went out of its way to court a more sophisticated dialogue around the wasteful, senseless nature of war itself.

Through the provocative use of the war poppy in the game’s logo, as well as an in game theme song with the opening line: “War… never been so much fun”, developer Sensible Software were asking for trouble…

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6. Wii Sports’ Bowling (2006-13)


WiiSR2While the Resort and Club editions of bowling had more refined controls and minor cosmetic upgrades, I’m thinking of all three versions as one single undertaking.

So as we move forward in the article, let it be understood that when I say bowling, I mean the Wii Sports Bowling experience as a whole…

…aside from an incredibly simple level-up system, (you basically get a nicer looking ball to indicate your expert status) there’s basically nothing to bowling but the bowling.

And that’s precisely why it’s one of the best gaming experiences of all time…

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5. Uncharted 2

It’s the game that showed character and story could be just as important as the gameplay, and it truly made other developers attempting a story driven action game to sit up and take notice.

Gamers weren’t going to accept an underdeveloped script or cheesy voice acting anymore, so developers really had to up their game. A lot of them did, and we now enjoy a much higher standard of production values thanks to Uncharted 2

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I am revealing the next five games over the coming weeks.


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