vjoe1 When one thinks of criminally under used video game personalities, the likeable, versatile, funny, cape-wearing Viewtiful Joe sits right at the top of the list.

With two incredible games on PS2 and Gamecube, a Gamecube exclusive four player brawler, and appearances in a few of Capcom’s cross over fighting titles, Viewtiful Joe is the absolute perfect fit for Smash Bros.

Whether or not Sakurai and his team are looking for “perfect fits” is still a contentious issue.

I mean, who would have thought Duck Hunt Duo or Wii Fit Trainer would ever have made the cut in Nintendo’s biggest and best gaming spectacle?

Regardless, Viewtiful Joe deserves more love, and he’s already proven he can hold his own with the big guns in the world of high profile fighting games.

That’s why he got a vote from me.

Henshin a go-go baby!

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Here’s my first and second votes in the ballot

Thanks to comicvine.com for the pic of Joe