wiiulogoI’ve already shared my dream first party Wii U line up, and while I haven’t had much to talk about lately, I thought I’d share my dream third party line up.

I hope it’s not totally obvious, and this isn’t a list about what games could “save” the Wii U or anything like that, it’s just the games I’d really love to see on the platform.

Leave a comment and let me know you’d like to see.

joeViewtiful Joe 3 

I loved the original games. I never played Red Hot Rumble, but ever since he made an appearance in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Ultimate All Stars, I’ve been hankering for a new Viewtiful Joe game. I doubt he’ll ever make an appearance in Smash Bros., but he’s a criminally underused mascot and his hardcore platform/action games are enormous fun.

Grand Theft Auto 6 

By the time Rockstar gets around to making (surely it’s already in the planning stage) the next iteration of their blockbuster franchise, I hop Wii U has a decent enough install base to warrant a release on the platform.

Surely we can’t miss out again, and this would mark the first time the series appears on a Nintendo home console. I love the gamepad, and I’d love to have the world map in the palm of my hands.

Lego City Undercover showed how an open world adventure in the vein of the GTA series could be done well on Wii U. We wait and we hope. Speaking of…

chasemcLego City Undercover 2

A list full of sequels? Hey, this is a Nintendo machine. Anyway, Lego City Undercover is one of Wii U’s best games, and one of it’s best exclusives. I’d love to see what Tt could achieve with the hardware a few years down the line, given what they gave us in Lego City Undercover was a witty, polished, and downright massive adventure.

Blast Corps 2 

God damn Microsoft to hell for stealing RARE from us. Wow, that felt good. Anyway, Blast Corps was an incredibly original and fun game from RARE on the Nintendo 64. Like RARE’s other killer franchise Banjo Kazooie, it’s been left unused and unloved by whoever owns the rights to the series.

tigerwoodsshhPGA Tour 

Wii got an incredibly awesome version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 (in 2011), utilising Motionplus to offer one of the best golfing experiences there’s ever been. (thanks to standard.co.uk for the Tiger pic)

It would be great if EA could once again bring that magic to a Nintendo machine. HD graphics, motionplus, and gamepad integration á la Wii Sports Club Golf sounds like a winner to me.

Jet Set Radio Future 

A new iteration of this cel-shaded Dreamcast/Xbox action series is long overdue. Nintendo should work with SEGA to bring a sequel or reboot to Wii U. Searching for graffiti tags and spraying over them using the gamepad would be sick.

simpsonshitrunA decent “The Simpsons” Game

I’d even settle for The Simpson’s Hit & Run 2. Or a kart racer featuring characters from the series with courses designed around famous Springfield locales.

Or a 3D open world adventure using the art style of Hit & Run, and using Lego City Undercover as a template. This is getting very abstract but thank you, I do enjoy working at the bowling alley. (thanks to wikipedia for the pic)

FIFA 15 

It’s a bit of a stretch for me to say FIFA is on my dream games list, but I think it would be nice for the biggest sports title in the world to be available on Wii U. I have always played FIFA on Xbox 360 (and before that, Nintendo 64) and it’s always been a friends’ copy.

I’d buy it on Wii U so I could practice and not get owned every time I tried to play and compete with my friends. Transferrable skills, you see.

travisNo More Heroes 3 

Finally adding analogue camera control to a proper HD No More Heroes sequel, exclusive to Wii U, would be nothing short of awesome. I wrote more about No More Heroes 3 here.

MadWorld 2 

Madworld was certainly an oddity on Wii. Not just because of the black and white (and red) presentation, but because of it’s extreme violence and coarse language. This time I’d like to see an expansion of the multiplayer mode, as well online co-op.

The Grinder 

The Grinder has never been released in either of the forms promised way back in 2010. It was hailed as being Wii’s answer to Left 4 Dead, and early footage of the game looked promising. Sadly, nothing has been heard about the game since, so it would be unreal if it could be HD-ified and brought to Wii U. Not a sequel, but this is my list so there.

CONDUIT2Conduit 3 

I reckon the first two Conduit games were under rated. Smart controls, solid action, as well as top notch visuals combined to give Wii it’s two best first person shooters.

I’d like to see a continuation of Agent Cole’s story, it’s a universe that was restricted by Wii’s lack of horsepower in an age of epic sci-fi shooters like Crysis and the like.


Which third party sequels would you like to see on Wii U? Let me know by leaving a comment! You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell and Miiverse: zinger_AU