dying lightThe best 2015 release I played last year on any platform is Dying Light on Xbox One.

It’s a post apocalyptic, zombie slaying first person shooter, and while I haven’t experienced everything the game has to offer, (meaning none of the DLC) there hasn’t been any other game released this year that’s impacted me the way Dying Light has.

It’s rare that a game can make you feel such a gamut of emotion in a single session.

From terror, sadness, to pride and relief- Dying Light’s single player campaign plays you as much as you play it.

For that, it beats Mortal Kombat X, Super Mario Maker, and Xenoblade Chronicles X to my 2015 game of the year.

Dying Light controls perfectly, looks fantastic, and most games could only dream of delivering atmosphere this immersive.

Few games have actually, truly scared me like this does and it’s not so much the content, but the fully realised atmosphere of the open world setting.

There were times when I literally had to turn the game off and go call a friend or something to calm down because it was all getting too intense.

Good times.

Plus, the game has one of the best tag lines in the history of games:

Good Night Good Luck.

So fitting.

Dying Light was released in Australia in February 2015.

Seems like longer ago than that, doesn’t it?

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