mh3ultNeither Big W or Target have come good with a $68 price tag for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U. The best price I have seen so far is $74 at JB. Considering this is a port of a AAA Wii title (yes, there was such a thing) with a few added extras, $74 is probably still a bit too steep. Some people I know said they may buy a Wii U just for this game. To which I responded by slapping them and throwing a copy of Nintendo Land and Zombi U at their heads. Seriously though, this could be a system seller for the nay-sayers that rejected the Wii version because of standard definition graphics. Personally I played the Wii U and 3DS demos and I wasn’t sold, but anything that can sell more Wii U systems is alright by me. I’ll post any new prices I see. You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell or Miiverse: zinger_AU.