wiiminiJust kidding. When Wii Mini was announced last year it was met with a collective “What’s the point?” from pretty much everyone in the world. No internet capabilities, no SD card support, no Gamecube compatibility, and exclusive to Canada (?) Wii Mini sure was an unusual move from Nintendo. Earlier this week it was announced that Wii Mini was making it’s way to merry old England. Did Canadians not buy them, despite the system and Wii remote being that gorgeous maple leaf red? Accocrding to mcv.co.uk, the Wii Mini sold around 35 700 since December. Not too bad, I suppose. Obviously good enough to secure a release in the UK. I wish Nintendo was focusing their efforts on marketing their new system instead of even thinking about a worse version of their old system. Anyway, if Wii Mini makes it’s way to Australia I’ll sure as hell buy one, it’ll become a collectors item and more of an oddity than it already is.