nlandlogoWith the recent release of Mario Party 10, all of Nintendo’s mini game franchises have made the leap to Wii U, some more successfully than others.

Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii Party, and Mario Party (I’m not mentioning that terrible version of Wario Ware) are all old favourites I’m happy to see in HD, but now I’d like to see Nintendo show the game that launched their new system and controller some love in the form of DLC.

Although Nintendo Land reviewed quite well when it was released alongside the Wii U in 2012, there was room for improvement. Improvement that could likely have been made with a patch or two, fixing up control options and tweaking a few things to streamline the experience. I wrote more on that here.

But while other Nintendo games like Pikmin 3 and Mario Kart 8 have been supported with some pretty decent add on content since they launched, Nintendo Land, the game that introduced the Wii U and the Gamepad to the world, seems to have been forgotten about.

Which is a mighty shame, because there is some really great opportunities for Nintendo to get some extra mileage out of a title most Wii U owners have a copy of.

Before I delve into these opportunities, the number one thing Nintendo Land needs is a patch to allow use of the Pro Controller, and nunchuck support. It would just make playing games like Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase so much more enjoyable (and while they’re at it, throw in Gamecube controller support so anyone with the adapter can get some use from it outside of Smash Bros.)

Where is the love?

Where is the love?

Nintendo obviously didn’t think it was necessary to include these control options in the beginning, seeing as Nintendo Land was a launch title on a new machine, and people had little need for extra Pro Controllers that early on I can kind of understand.

But two and a bit years on, people have the controllers and want to use them. Updating the control options alone would give Nintendo Land a new lease on life, I’d go back and play Ghost Mansion or Sweet Day again if I knew my thumb wasn’t going to cop a beating from vigorous us of the Wii remote’s d-pad.

There’s also plenty they could do to give players a reason to revisit the existing attractions within Nintendo Land.

Some new courses for Mario Chase would be awesome. The team must have had so many great ideas for courses, and we got a glimpse at how much fun they could be with the slide course, complete with the Mario 64 slide music.

Imagine this AND micromanaging some bots. Intense.

Imagine this AND micromanaging some bots. Intense.

Why not build on this idea and give us a level that has decoy Mario’s that appear after the Gamepad player picks up a Double Cherry.

Or what about turning the idea on it’s head and having Mario manage some Yoshi Bots to try to catch the other players?

New courses for Battle Quest, Metroid Blast, and Ghost Mansion are no brainers, but it’s Sweet Day that would benefit the most from some more levels to play on. Even a random map generator would be cool, because once you’ve memorised the best way to trap someone the game kind of gets too predictable, unless you’re playing with newbies.

Elsewhere, I’d like to see a new mode in Ninja Castle that allows four or five people to take turns in quick rounds to earn points, with a winner determined at the end. This same principle could be applied to Yoshi’s Fruit Cart and Donkey Kong’s Crash Course.

Metroid Blast was the foundation for a new IP. Some indie developer should take the idea and run with it.

Some indie developer should take the Metroid Blast foundation and create a new IP

And speaking of Crash Course, I always wondered why Nintendo hasn’t made a stand alone, downloadable version of this for 3DS. It’s the perfect fit, and DLC levels have cross buy written all over them.

With such a large install base and so much untapped potential, Nintendo Land is the perfect game to pick up some DLC bucks from. And as a new IP, and a great overall package, it’s a wonder Nintendo hasn’t been shown it more love.

Many of the attractions stand out as really great experiences, I just hope we’re given a reason to go back to them.

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