Rusty_Shell_HOTHere’s my Monday post where I share some cool and interesting stuff I saw around the net. This week there’s a retro Simpsons game, and amazing gaming trivia videos.

First up the week it’s an amazing Youtube channel I came across. Did You Know Gaming?. Where have these guys been all my life? Some of the stuff they talk about is very obscure and it’s definitely the most informative and interesting video series of its type. I sat there and watched nearly all of them in one sitting.

Next it’s UK NES Boy’s review of Bart Vs. The Space Mutants. Man this game brings back memories. I actually remember loving the game, I can’t really remember many of the flaws that were pointed out in this review. uknesboy isn’t kind to the game, giving it 1 out of 5. His website is a good trip down memory lane. Have a read of the Space Mutants review here.

Axle The Beast over at wrote a piece about the size of bosses in the Zelda series. A very specific topic but interesting nonetheless. Have a read of it here.

Even though we can’t buy it in Australia yet, I still enjoyed Menashe from’s review of Trine 2 for Wii U. I’ve read a few reviews of Trine 2 but the reviewer uses simple, accessible language to talk about the game’s most endearing features. Now if it would only hurry up and get to the Australian eShop. Read the review here.

See you next Monday for some more of this. You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell and Miiverse: zinger_AU