wolflinkamiiboI mean, why not?

Twilight Princess on Wii was enhanced over the Gamecube version not only by offering a 16:9 widescreen mode, but utilising some basic motion based controls with the Wii remote.

Primitive they may have been, but they were certainly effective- and this was at Wii’s launch, before the advent of MotionPlus.

I’d love to see the HD remake of TP make full use of the Wii remote plus as an optionmainly because I really can’t see myself aiming the hook shot or crossbow any other way after playing the game on Wii.

And I stress it should be an option, because while I believe it to be the superior way to play, many don’t.

Skyward Sword gave us some pretty near flawless motion controls, but they were forced on the player.

This of course led to many dismissing the game entirely, and gave the haters plenty of ammunition to fire at a game that could have been a universally loved swan song for Wii.

Anyway, while I concede that MotionPlus support almost certainly won’t feature in Twilight Princess HD, one can live in hope.

The game releases in Australia on March 5 2016, and there will be an amiibo bundle too.

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