That’s a rhetorical question. Still, there’s an answer. And the answer is very friggen.

It’s been a long time since Mario Kart was a graphical showcase for a Nintendo machine (remember Mode 7?), and by the looks of things Mario Kart 8 is going to be just that for Wii U.

Here’s hoping between now and the Autumn release Nintendo has time to tweak the graphics even more.

Have a go at this incredible new trailer, the lighting, the flame effects, the metal textures… oh my.

Also, take a look at 14 things I said I wanted from Mario Kart 8 here.

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  • RElliot

    Well it looks like you at least got the first 2 things you wanted from Mario Kart 8!
    Mario Kart 8 is looking awesome can’t wait for it to be released.