nlandlogoThere’s a billion things a Nintendo fan could ask for at this year’s E3. I’ve outlined my top 6 here, but what I’d also like Nintendo to announce is a patch for Nintendo Land that introduces analogue controls. Luigi’s Ghost Mansion is a favourite in my house, but the lack of Nunchuck or Pro Controller support really lets the game down. It’s simply not fair when you know the ghost is near you and you just can’t turn around in time to zap him. The Wii remote’s D-pad simply isn’t responsive enough. If you were using the Nunchuck,  Classic Controller or Pro Controller’s analogue stick it’d be a much smoother, fairer experience. Surely there’d be limited programming involved to allow analogue support? Same with Mario Chase. D-pad thumb soreness is an issue here. We’d still be playing both these games, much like we’re still playing Wii Sports bowling, if the controls were up to scratch. It’s simple Nintendo. You’ve done it (or about to do it) with NSMBU, so let’s have it for Nintendo Land. You need to relaunch the system, why not relaunch its flagship title with this simple added feature that would ensure the game’s longevity.

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  • its-a-me

    “D-pad thumb soreness is an issue here” -LOL
    And I agree. You can’t play (press) for so long without your thumb getting tired. Nunchuck support please.