lanadapterI just read a piece over at about accessories relating to Splatoon, including Wii U LAN adapters.

So I thought I’d have a look at where to get them in Australia, and yes, you can use the original Wii LAN adapter with Wii U.

Here’s what retailers are selling them for, including a few online places too.

Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.

I’ve looked at mostly the official Nintendo Wii U LAN Adapter, and try as I might I really couldn’t find any decent reviews of the third party products, although there is plenty of them out there.

I’d recommend at least looking at the major online forums for any info you can find before commiting to a third party purchase. Of anything, really.

EB Games: $39.95

JB Hi-Fi: $37.99

The Gamesmen: $34.95

KMart, Target and Big W also stock them, but not all stores do so it’s best to call to confirm. The links are just there. $24.95 (third party) Official and third party, widely varying prices, here’s the link. Third party for widely varying prices, here’s the link.

EBay: About the same price for official, but knock offs are much cheaper, here’s the link.

Directly from Nintendo: here’s the link, no price given.

I’d always go official with anything from Nintendo, but if you need to go third party, here’s the most comprehensive look I could find on the issues you might encounter.

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