eshopIf you’re confused about how the Nintendo Network Premium deal works, you’re not alone. I’d been putting off even figuring this out since November last year, but now Premium Pack owners can actually take advantage of the offer, I thought I’d better stop procrastinating and actually do it. The way Nintendo has handled and explained this is a bit of a mess, and why it all doesn’t tie in with Club Nintendo is absolutely beyond me. But, if you own a Premium Pack Wii U, here’s all you need to know. Basic Pack owners, you miss out.

  • Buy ANYTHING from the eShop on your black Wii U and you get  points. These points convert to cash, so you can buy more stuff from the eShop
  • Go to and enter your Nintendo Network ID and password  
  • You’ll see how much you spent in the eShop, on what, and how many points you earned for that purchase
  • The large black rectangle on the HOME screen of the website tells you how many dollars you can redeem next
  • Click the yellow rectangle next to the black one to get your activation code and redeem your accumulated cash
  • Head to the eShop and press “Balance” then “Add finds using a Nintendo eShop Card” then correctly enter the code
  • Press “Add Funds”
  • Your balance has now increased, so spend it on whatever you want
  • Right now you have until June 30th 2015 to redeem the points for cash, but no time limit on actually spending the cash on the eShop

This whole promotion is pretty decent of Nintendo, especially considering you can use the activation codes on the 3DS eShop too. You also accumulate points by adding funds to your account via retail cards. It’s just a shame people aren’t doing it because the promotion seems more complicated than it actually is.

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  • deevio

    Yeah it’s a good deal. It’s good to see a rewards program that actually offers good rewards. Spend cash to earn cash is a great incentive, and it’s a good way to get people more interested in the eshop. Some of Wii U’s best games are on there at the moment- Toki Tori 2, Trine 2 and Nano Assault Neo are all fantastic. Now hopefully Gameloft will give us a Wii U version of TV Show King, and who ever made Jet Rocket will give us a sequel.

  • pablo

    The problem is, my purchases are not adding to the nintendo network promotion site… I bought stuff, like Chariot recently. 2 weeks since I did, the promoton site doesn’t seem to notice…

    • Hey pablo, the purchases needed to be made by December 31, 2014 (at least in Australia) to be redeemable for points.