wormsbattleGot worms?

From its origins on the AMIGA platform to the flawless WORMS: Armageddon on Nintendo 64, TEAM 17‘s WORMS franchise has definitely stood the test of time.

The series’ first outing for Wii, WORMS: A Space Oddity was a serious disappointment, due to poor controls and a silly user interface.

Thankfully, WORMS: Battle Islands takes the series back to basics, and allows players to do what they want in a WORMS game.

You can name your teams, access your weapons easily, etc. all by using the Wii remote on its own or with the nunchuck, but with none of the ridiculous motion controls that let Space Oddity down.

WORMS is turn based strategy, control a team of worms which you get to name individually, use a variety of weapons and tools to have the last worm standing and win the match.

It’s simple and fun- especially with two or more players. Anyone wanting a decent WORMS experience should look no further than WORMS: Battle Islands on Wii, unless you can get hold of a Nintendo 64 and a copy of WORMS: Armageddon.