CONDUITboxWii scale blockbuster FPS.

The Conduit was a Wii exclusive first person shooter, but don’t let the unfortunate box art put you off, it was quite a good one.

Set in the near future amidst an alien invasion and corruption at the highest levels of government, developers High Voltage strived to not only push Wii’s graphical capabilities as far as they could, but offer Wii owners the quality FPS experience they were mostly missing out on.

Pointing the Wii remote at the screen to aim and look around, and using the nunchuck’s control stick to move was never quite the optimum control set-up for first person shooters it promised to be, but The Conduit got it pretty near perfect.

This was thanks to the developers giving players the ability to completely configure every single aspect of the control scheme to suit their playing style.

You could adjust the reticle “dead zone”, change turning speed and infrared sensitivity, as well as move every aspect of the HUD to anywhere on the screen, tweaking each element until you got it just right.

This enemy showed up a lot...

This enemy showed up a lot…

Some criticised The Conduit for being too linear and un-original in its gameplay, but I say there is nothing at all wrong with a game being linear, and un-original as the plot may be, it’s still good fun.

What’s more, the game features voice acting by Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo, which is cool… at least it might have been in 1997.

The main campaign was quite short- but thankfully The Conduit had a robust online component that allowed for regional or international matches, with loads of options including game type and weapons, which were voted on before a match begins.

The game was also one of the few titles that made use of Wii’s failed voice chat peripheral, Wii Speak.


Ahh Wii Speak, we hardly knew ye…

The time we spent online was quite good for the most part, although there certainly was some lag, especially when it came to registering your kill.

This was a Wii game using Wi-Fi and I was in Australia, so the odds were stacked against my online experience from the get go.

But hey, at least developer High Voltage tried to offer Wii users a viable online multiplayer option.

A lot was made of The Conduit's look. A 3rd party developer trying to push Wii's graphics was a rarity.

The Conduit looked great. A 3rd party developer trying to push Wii’s graphics was a rarity.

With all the amazing blockbuster first person shooters out there at the time, the critics weren’t too kind to The Conduit.

But look. It had pretty graphics, the best Wii FPS controls outside of Metroid Prime 3, and although you can’t use the online features anymore, it’s still worth playing.

So is the 2011 sequel, Conduit 2.

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