Mmgalaxyboxario’s greatest adventure ever?

No figure in video game history is more iconic or popular than Mario.

Since 1983 he’s been wowing audiences with his incredible adventures and continues to do so today, and with games like Super Mario Galaxy in his repertoire, it’s easy to see why.

Simply put, Super Mario Galaxy is as close to gaming perfection as you could ever hope to get.

And it’s one for all ages- newcomers will enjoy seeing the game’s ending by running, jumping, flipping, flying, swimming and skating through the brilliantly designed levels to collect 60 stars to complete the main story.

More seasoned players will enjoy scouring every corner of the 20 plus galaxies for 100 percent completion and a long overdue ‘bonus’ at the end of the game.

There’s nothing much else to say because there’s no contemplating the fact that Mario Galaxy is one of, if not the greatest games ever made.

Mario Galaxy 2 is fantastic too, and has a rating of 97.25%, making Galaxy and Galaxy 2 the 1st and 3rd highest rated games EVER.

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