game&I make a habit of buying nearly every first (and second) party Nintendo title, and I’ve got to say Game & Wario is the most disappointing of them since Wii Play Motion. I had read some reviews, they were mediocre at best, and I should have taken more notice. Yep, I got ripped off.

The game costs $79.95 on Australia’s eShop. I couldn’t find it cheaper and in stock ANYWHERE other than JB H-Fi, at $74. So I paid it, because I wanted to play the game this weekend. I hate to say it, but I just made my first bad Wii U purchase. $74 for any game is really pushing what I would ever pay to begin with, but to pay that much for such bare bones, inconsistent experience is disappointing to say the absolute least.

Wario games are known for their wacky, minimalist yet over-stylised presentation, which in previous games has been charming and relevant. This time, in this HD age, it just smacks of laziness. Of the games on offer, only a few of them are any fun and I doubt I’ll be in a hurry to come back to any of them. I went into this really wanting to give them all a fair go, despite what I had already seen and read about the game. Still I was left disappointed.

There is however, a cool feature called Miiverse Artwork. You can draw things people have suggested and suggest words to others. The catch is you only get 60 seconds to draw your picture. It’s pretty awesome, and you even get to watch a slideshow of the best on offer. They’ll also appear on your Miiverse feed with your age range and the time it took you to draw it. It’s pretty neat, and possibly the most innovative way Miiverse has been incorporated into a game so far.

There’s fun to be had in any game that gets made, someone out there is going to enjoy and see the value in it. And while Game & Wario does have its moments, there’s definitely not enough of them to justify a price point of seventy-something dollars. If Nintendo thinks this is what their game is worth, they are most certainly mistaken. Do yourself a favour and wait until you see it in the bargain bin or a 50% sale on the eShop. The simple truth is that Nintendo Land does most things Game & Wario does, but ten times better.

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  • michael west

    I agree, the price of this game should have been sub $40. There simply isn’t one stand out experience here. TAXI is as close as it gets but even that feels cheap. It’s like Nintendo cut every corner with this game, and like you said they style was cool before, but these days there is no excuse for blocky, low res graphics and jaggies everywhere. It’s quite simply laziness on Nintendo’s part. They need to realize it’s not 2006 anymore.

  • dicky

    this game is a rip off. i am wondering why nintendo released it at all? they should have divvied it up into bite sized $2 eshop titles. that rhythm game is honestly the dumbest thing i have ever played on wii or wii u.

    • Yeah I reckon a buck or two each on the eShop is where these “mini games” belong. The rhythm game is WORSE than the Nintendo Land one, and I didn’t think that was possible. It’s a shame there wasn’t all this AND a whole heap of Micro games to play as well. This is the HD age.

  • Gameer

    US price of the game is $39.99 as opposed to normal game price of $59.99. Its stupid that we are seeming getting shafted on the price of the game. JBHIFI’s ridiculous $74 price tag. I’m surprised the eShop price was so high for Game and Wario considering the Super Luigi Wii U DLC had a reduced price on the eshop of $29.99 compared to its $58 retail price. Ill be skipping this title unless I can grab it cheap or from the UK.

    • I paid the $74 because I really wanted to play it! Silly me. I would definitely say skip it at this stage. A $35 price point is still pushing it for this game.

  • tanto

    its not full price retail dummy

    • gameer

      Please explain how it is not! The aus price on e-shop is $78 and Aus retail stores have it for $74-78. Pikmin 3 is releasing in stores for $78 and injustice sells for $68.

  • Thanks! You just saved my wallet some pain!