It seems every website on the internet did a “Best of Wii” as the launch of Wii U grew closer. We’re still a few days away in Australia, so I thought while I’m twiddling my thumbs (after rage quitting Resident Evil 6) I’d post my own Wii awards for my top games in my categories. “Best” meaning my favourites.

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Best Racing Game: Mario Kart Wii

There has been no other Wii disc thats been in my machine as much as Mario Kart Wii. I tried Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, Myth Makers Kart Racing (don’t ask) as well as Need For Speed Nitro and ExiteTruck, and the game we always come back to is Mario Kart Wii. The new tracks may not be as inspired or memorable as some of the other iterations, but smooth, tuned 4 player split screen action and a decent enough online component- Mario Kart Wii is where it’s at. Remember Wii doesn’t have Split/Second or Gran Tourismo 5.

Runners Up: Possibly Need for Speed Nitro.

Best Platformer: Mario Galaxy 2

No brainer. I made a list of best Wii games earlier and I simply said there was nothing more to say about Super Mario Galaxy 2 other than you must play it. Galaxy 2 improves over the original, smashes out amazing idea and breathtaking level one after the other- and it’s a true Nintendo masterpiece. That is all.

Runners Up: Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Bit.Trip.Runner, Disney’s Epic Mickey, Rayman Origins

Best Shooter: Dead Space Extraction

Squint your eyes and it (really) looks like an Xbox 360 game. On rails shooters are a tricky genre- Time Crisis does it well but few others do. But how can an on rails shooter be the best shooter in an entire consoles lifetime? I loved Metroid Prime 3- and I loved The Conduit- but Extraction really immersed you in the story, atmosphere and action- and it was shooting most of the way. Prime 3 to me was more an exploration game. Red Steel 2 was swords plus guns. Red Steel 2 was incredible. People loved Sin & Punishment Star Successor but I never played it.

Runners Up: Red Steel 2, Prime 3, The Conduit, Conduit 2, Call Of Duty: World At War, Far Cry Vengeance (just kidding)

Best WiiWare Game: T.V Show King 2

I’m torn here between MotoHeroz, World Of Goo and T.V Show King 2. How can you split these completely different games in one category? T.V Show King comes in first to me, simply because its the most played on my Wii. Many times with my friends and family we played T.V Show King 1 and 2- why pay $80 for BUZZ on PS2 or 3 she you could play 8 bucks for T.V Show King? Short, sharp- or a one hour showdown- this game was what WiiWare was made for. P.S. The PS3 version sucks by comparison. Can’t swing the Wii remote to spin that wheel.

Runners Up: MotoHeroz, World Of Goo, Bit.Trip.Beat (play it)

Best New Concept Game: Elebits, Eledees

It’s hard to choose on from the hundreds of obscure and unique Wii games but I’ve got to hand this one to Elebits. As a Wii launch game Elebits (or Eledees as it’s know in PAL territories). Who  knows or cares why the name was changes for the PAL version, but Eledeees made  fun and innovative use if the Wii remote by using it as a Ghostbusters style stream to suck up weird little creatures known as Pikmin. Sorry, Eledees. A bit lazy on the graphics and sound, Eledees made up for it with unique gameplay- lifting and throwing stuff (like houses) was a hoot. Here’s hoping for a console sequel.

Runners Up: Zack & Wiki, Boom Blox Bash Party, Endless Ocean: Blue World, Bit.Trip.Beat

Best Nintendo Game: Super Mario Galaxy 2

I would love to sit here and say Skyward Sword was the best Wii game ever. I won’t. I will however point out that no “best game” list on a Nintendo machine will ever be topped by a third party game. Nintendo make the best games for their own systems, and I’d love to have a category for best RPG and name Skyward Sword number one- but I’ve not played any other RPG’s on Wii. Best Nintendo (first party) game would have to go to Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s juuuuuuuuust as shy of perfection as gaming gets, the camera stutters occasionally. How dare it.

Runners Up: Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword, Mario Kart Wii (this is my favourites list), Wii Sports Resort

Best Sports Game: Grand Slam Tennis

If I’d looked at FIFA (insert year) or NBA 2K whenever on Wii over other systems and tried to compare them I’d be wasting my time. You’d only really ever buy them if you were a fan of the sport and only owned a Wii. Better graphics, you see- and in this instance a legitimate argument. It’s sports, after all. Grand Slam Tennis on the other hand was Wii exclusive. It was and is the best tennis video game ever made. Near perfect control with MotionPlus, awesome 4 player mode (and a decent online mode, I might add) and fun (repetitive) commentary by Australia’s own Pat Cash- add up to make Grand Slam Tennis Wii’s best sports experience. Not bettered by Grand Slam Tennis 2 on PS3 or 360. I reviewed GST2 here.

Runners Up: Wii Sports Resort, Let’s see. Sport, sport…

Best Fighting Game:  Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

You really need to wonder if Smash Bros. is a fighting game. It seems non technical. It seems random in nature, what with the dynamic levels, multitude of items, etc. Sony seems to think it’s a fighter- it’s repackaged the game as Playstation All-Stars Battl… Oh. Tatsunko? Right. Smash Bros. Brawl was the best fighter on Wii until my friends and I got into the flashy, fast, frantic world of Tatsunko Vs, Capcom. Wii was begging for a decent fighting game- not a Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur in sight- and despite unknown Tatsunoko characters, Capcom favourites like Ryu and (for me) Viewtiful Joe made TVCAAS a Wii owner’s alternative to Street Fighter IV. Assist OK! Love it. Track a copy down, and play it with a classic controller or Gamecube controller.

Runners Up: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, gee what else….

Best Overall Wii Game: Mario Galaxy 2

I’ve said enough already.  It’s as close to perfect as it gets, and I honestly can’t decide whether i like this or Super Mario 64 more. I change my mind about this on a daily basis. I love heaps of games in Wii’s generation, and I’m lucky (yes, lucky- and I know it) enough to own a PS3, 360 and a Wii. I tell you this because I love Uncharted 2 (and 3, but 2 is definitive for me). I love Gran Tourismo 5 and I love Dance Central. Did I just type that? Oh dear. Anyway, I always try to pick a number one game of the generation. Mega Drive era: Mortal Kombat 3, Nintendo 64 era: Super Mario 64, Gamecube era: Resident Evil4, Wii era: Super Mario Galaxy 2. I get to ride Yoshi. Take that, Mario Galaxy 1.

Runners up: The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii Sport Resort (see how I’m struggling to include a 3rd party game here), No More Heroes 2

. . .

What are your favourite Wii games of all time? Does it even matter now Wii U is here?

I know everyone’s done a list of the best Wii games, bur favourite means more than best to me. What are you favourite Wii games?


  • george

    my favourite ever is twilight princess. i can’t get past the leap from ocarina to the new game. also i thought swinging the remote to swing a sword on horseback was one of the most memorable moments in gaming for me.