tubemanEB Games Australia are notorious for their all-style-no-substance approach to their sales.

Nothing says “legitimate” like high contrast sales banners hanging from the roof and around windows, inviting you in for an impulse purchase or two.

They’ll even throw in a free headache if you stay around the garish signage long enough.

There is a few good deals amongst the silliness though, and while I don’t usually go in for pre owned anything, sometimes you just can’t argue with a bargain.

Wii U

Rayman Legends for $19 new. This game is incredible and for $19 new, a steal.

Epic Mickey 2 for $28 new. I think this sequel is a bit under rated, and for under $30 new is a pretty decent addition to your rainy day catalogue.


Resident Evil Revelations for $12 pre owned. A great 3DS original that spawned ports, and a sequel that skipped the system.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for $11.50 pre owned. $11.50? Hmmm. I reckon so. Just for a bit of fun.

Scribblenauts Unmasked for $19 new. I love me some Scribblenauts, and for under $20 new (or $14 pre owned) this is great value.

Bit. Trip Saga for $12 pre owned. I can’t calculate the cost per unit, but these games are a blast, especially Bit. Trip Beat.

Also, this have a look at this hideous Tingle plush. It could be yours for just $15!

Identify this product's target market. Anyone, please.

I’d pay $15 just to rip it apart and burn the pieces.

Poor Tingle.

Could someone please identify the target market for the above product? How does it even exist?

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