xboxoneI’ve never been one to rat on other consoles and I’m not about to start. I’m a Nintendo fan first and foremost but I own a PS3 and a 360 (two 360’s actually) and I also owned a PS2 and Xbox along with my Gamecube. I like all the machines for different reasons, but I can’t help but feel Microsoft, with Xbox One, have moved too far away from the spirit of console gaming. That is: plug it into a TV and play some games. There seems to be too many rules surrounding Xbox One. You must have Kinect kinnected, you have to kinect to the internet at least once a day, you can only give disc based games to those on your friends list for more than thirty days, (what?) disc based games can only be passed on once, you can only play offline for 23 hours on your machine or one hour on someone else’s machine. Wow, that’s a lot of rules. Microsoft has also said:

“Loaning and renting games won’t be available at launch but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners”.

Umm, won’t be available at launch? This is a games console. I know people are good at criticising and forming opinions on things way ahead of time, but every gamer I speak to lately wants to talk about Xbox ONE and why they won’t be buying it. And it’s all because of these silly rules, and people are particularly suspicious about why KINECT must be plugged in all the time. Microsoft can argue till they’re blue in the face that your privacy won’t be compromised, but given you MUST connect the machine to the internet every 24 hours, people just aren’t convinced.

If I was Microsoft I’d be pretty alarmed by the backlash. I’ll still be getting an Xbox ONE, because I don’t game on PC’s and I can’t live without Gears Of War, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if these complicated, seemingly unnecessary rules are changed or dropped completely six months or less after the machine’s launch.

  • hrasda

    Here is how a lunch box became the look of the new Xbox One

  • JMB

    From what I have seen and heard about the Xbox one I am starting to prefer Play station 4 and WII U instead. Only because there is a lot of people who don’t have internet in there area and don’t have HD Television. Don’t like all the requirements for you to even play a game that’s why I’m sticking with Xbox 360 and not the Xbox one.