I never knew this until just now, but Google Chrome’s no internet connection screen with the little T-Rex is actually a side scrolling endless runner.

All you have to do when the screen appears is press the space bar, then away he goes, running screen right through a minimalist desert backdrop, avoiding birds by ducking and cacti by jumping.

The game is also on the smart phone version of Chrome, but the touch screen controls are (as you’d expect) nowhere near as responsive.

Still, it’s a cute, free, offline way to pass some time in the office or when you’re out and about.

Apparently Chrome’s “Unable To Connect To The Internet” screen has featured the little dinosaur since the browsers inception in 2008, and the dinosaur game went live in 2014.

That means I could have voted for him in the Smash Ballot. What a missed opportunity.

Good luck chasing that high score.

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