dying lightThe best 2015 release I played last year on any platform is Dying Light on Xbox One.

It’s a post apocalyptic, zombie slaying first person shooter, and while I haven’t experienced everything the game has to offer, (meaning none of the DLC) there hasn’t been any other game released this year that’s impacted me the way Dying Light has.

It’s rare that a game can make you feel such a gamut of emotion in a single session.

From terror, sadness, to pride and relief- Dying Light’s single player campaign plays you as much as you play it.

For that, it beats Mortal Kombat X, Super Mario Maker, and Xenoblade Chronicles X to my 2015 game of the year.

Dying Light controls perfectly, looks fantastic, and most games could only dream of delivering atmosphere this immersive.

Few games have actually, truly scared me like this does and it’s not so much the content, but the fully realised atmosphere of the open world setting.

There were times when I literally had to turn the game off and go call a friend or something to calm down because it was all getting too intense.

Good times.

Plus, the game has one of the best tag lines in the history of games:

Good Night Good Luck.

So fitting.

Dying Light was released in Australia in February 2015.

Seems like longer ago than that, doesn’t it?

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battlefrontboxI know it’s not appearing on any Nintendo platforms, but even as a non Star Wars fan, I’m excited for for the new Battlefront.

Reviews so far have been mixed.

By most accounts the single player components are lacking, and the overall content is lean, but the multiplayer elements of the game are pretty great.

And just look at those graphics.

Anyway, Big W has the best Australian retail price at $63, followed by Target at $64.

Remember JB Hi-Fi and EB Games will usually price match.

The game releases in Australia on PC, Xbox ONE and PS4 today.

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XboxOne_RGB_horizontalThere’s no games with it, but it’s good to see the console for under four hundred new.

$399 is a more realistic price for these current consoles, they’ve been out for long enough.

$349 would be even better though.

That fifty dollar difference is a psychological barrier for people on the fence about a second or third (or for that matter, first) console.

Anyway, the offer is available at JB Hi-Fi now.

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I know a second, third or fourth controller has always been a luxury, and I’ll admit that this generation has the best designed, most sophisticated line-up ever, but damn they’re still really expensive.

Each controller has distinct features which I’ll go into, but first I averaged out the price from five Aussie retailers.

Here are the results:

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halo5He didn’t say that directly, but in a recent interview with gamespot.com, the head of Xbox spoke mostly about Halo, but there was a few interesting tid-bits about how he sees gaming more generally.

As a Nintendo fan first and foremost, I found his (and therefore the Xbox as a brand’s) views on local multiplayer pretty interesting.

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When I was experimenting with the passthrough and Smartglass options on my Xbox One the other day, this delightful message appeared.

I think it’s slightly creepy how the Xbox One tries to talk to you like it’s your friend (“And you are…?”) to start with, but this is taking it too far.


Fine XB1, you can control my television… just don’t make me watch The Bachelorette.

Or ABC News 24… ever.

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I used to think the Playstation 3 was bad with its install and updates with games, but  Xbox One seems to be worse.

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flacoamiiboAny initial upset I feel when games I’m looking forward to are delayed subsides pretty quickly when I remember my ever growing pile of shame.

It happened when Zelda Wii U was delayed, and it happened again just this week with Star Fox Zero.

Annoyance gave way to serendipitous relief, as I realised I really didn’t need to start playing (nor pay for) another new game in 2015.

Yoshi’s Wooly World and Hyrule Warriors remain unfinished, while I’ve only just scratched the surface with what Art Academy Atelier has to offer. I also absolutely have to go a few rounds of Smash Bros. for Wii U at least twice a week.

But it’s Super Mario Maker that’s taking up most of my time right now. The unyielding allure of Mario levels created by the public has me well and truly hooked.

I’ve also got Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive (meh) and Dying Light on the boil on Xbox One, in between bouts of Mortal Kombat X.

On the 3Ds front, I foolishly started playing last year’s eShop pick ups The Minish Cap and Metroid Fusion on my 3DS, as well as finally firing up the underrated Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D at the same time.

All this while a copy of Star Fox 64 3D sits unopened on my shelf, further affirmation that no, I don’t need to worry about Star Fox Zero this year.

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targetlogoI know this isn’t Nintendo related, but Target Australia are selling three of the better Xbox One games brand new for $20 right now.

Forza Horizon 2 is especially great value at $20.

In fact, it’s an absolute steal.

Horizon 2 one of the most polished, well put together racers I’ve ever played- and when you combine it with Xbox One’s exceptional controller- it’s the best game on Xbox One by a mile.

Of course, Sunset Overdrive and Watch Dogs were both well received by critics, even though they’re both enjoyably average experiences.

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Spoilers ahead.

While I was initially against two beings fighting as a team in Mortal Kombat X, after beating the game with Ferra/Torr I changed my tune.

Their epilogue, told in a series of still frames with a voiceover, is a tragic tale that will leave you strangely moved and a little bit heartbroken.

Have a look at the video below courtesy of Youtube user JakNak, but remember it can’t be un-watched and if you’re planning to play through Mortal Kombat X, don’t watch it.

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