shulkamiibo2Until 10am tomorrow, EB Games Australia are offering selected amiibo in a deal where you can pick ten of them for $99.

For the mathematics fans, that works out to $9.9o each, surely the cheapest the figures have ever been at Australian retail.

Here’s the link.



NFP_logo_0702_cmyk_fix_cs6_CThe first lot of Animal Crossing amiibo have hit Australia, and while I’m only interested in a few, god knows there are an absolute tonne of Animal Crossing fans eager to snap these up.

You’ll get the standalone figures for $15, and the ridiculous Wii U amiibo Festival game with two amiibo for $58.

Also, Big W has the Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo for $48. Ludicrous.

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Narrowing years of gaming experiences down to a favourite ten titles is something that has itself taken me years to get comfortable with, but I’m finally doing it.

My number eight spot goes to…

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wolflinkamiiboI mean, why not?

Twilight Princess on Wii was enhanced over the Gamecube version not only by offering a 16:9 widescreen mode, but utilising some basic motion based controls with the Wii remote.

Primitive they may have been, but they were certainly effective- and this was at Wii’s launch, before the advent of MotionPlus.

I’d love to see the HD remake of TP make full use of the Wii remote plus as an optionmainly because I really can’t see myself aiming the hook shot or crossbow any other way after playing the game on Wii.

And I stress it should be an option, because while I believe it to be the superior way to play, many don’t.

Skyward Sword gave us some pretty near flawless motion controls, but they were forced on the player.

This of course led to many dismissing the game entirely, and gave the haters plenty of ammunition to fire at a game that could have been a universally loved swan song for Wii.

Anyway, while I concede that MotionPlus support almost certainly won’t feature in Twilight Princess HD, one can live in hope.

The game releases in Australia on March 5 2016, and there will be an amiibo bundle too.

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It’s still nowhere near my expectations, but granted I haven’t seen it running in real life.

YouTubers Nintendo World Report TV have put together a comparison video looking at the improvements between the E3 2016 footage and that from the latest Nintendo Direct.

Check it out below.

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targetlogoIf you’re like me and were hanging out for a physical copy of this acclaimed indie game, you’ve got to be happy with this price.

It’s a shame the amiibo isn’t launching alongside the disc, but hey- this is another fantastic game in Wii U’s ever impressive library.

Is Wii U on track to have the best line-up of games of any console in history?

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I know a second, third or fourth controller has always been a luxury, and I’ll admit that this generation has the best designed, most sophisticated line-up ever, but damn they’re still really expensive.

Each controller has distinct features which I’ll go into, but first I averaged out the price from five Aussie retailers.

Here are the results:

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mincraftWho do you think will win the international character ballot for a spot in Smash Bros?

Forget about who you want to win, and tell me who you think will win.

I am going to say The Player from Minecraft.

Honestly, who else could possibly win an international poll in 2015?

Let me know your prediction by leaving a comment below!

P.S You can see who I voted for here

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vjoe1 When one thinks of criminally under used video game personalities, the likeable, versatile, funny, cape-wearing Viewtiful Joe sits right at the top of the list.

With two incredible games on PS2 and Gamecube, a Gamecube exclusive four player brawler, and appearances in a few of Capcom’s cross over fighting titles, Viewtiful Joe is the absolute perfect fit for Smash Bros.

Whether or not Sakurai and his team are looking for “perfect fits” is still a contentious issue.

I mean, who would have thought Duck Hunt Duo or Wii Fit Trainer would ever have made the cut in Nintendo’s biggest and best gaming spectacle?

Regardless, Viewtiful Joe deserves more love, and he’s already proven he can hold his own with the big guns in the world of high profile fighting games.

That’s why he got a vote from me.

Henshin a go-go baby!

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Here’s my first and second votes in the ballot

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fastracingnewscreen1His name is Jack Merluzzi, and he’s the man who’s informed me it was “the final lap” so many countless times in F-Zero GX.

This is pretty cool news, even though it does serve to remind us just how far away we are from a new F-Zero game from Nintendo.

Fast Racing NEO is looking pretty alright at this stage, featuring four player split screen action.

The game will be out this year, even though developer Shin’en still has not given us a solid release date.

I absolutely could not tell you how many times I’ve heard Mr. Merluzzi say “You Lose” after having my ass handed to me in Tekken 6.

I hate you Heihachi, you cranky old bastard.

Check out the official site for Fast Racing Neo here.

I first came across this news here.

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