Jurassic Park is my favourite movie franchise of all time, so the thought of playing through all three adventures and the new movie in one LEGO game is beyond exciting for me.

LEGO games rarely disappoint, and neither does this trailer.

LEGO Jurassic World is coming to pretty much every platform, including Wii U and 3DS this June.


tonyjonesBuyer’s guides are a dime a dozen, but here’s my no nonsense look at what to get and where to get it.

I’m covering all current generation systems, thanks to some feedback from previous years.

If you don’t agree with me and have some alternate advice to offer, please leave a grown up comment because this is really for the benefit of those who might not be in the know.

If you want further advice or have a different question entirely, ask in the comments section and we will get back to you. You can also send an email: admin@rustyshell.com

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infinity2There’s a few low-ish prices around the retail traps for the content rich latest iteration of Disney Infinity, cleverly and succinctly titled “Infinity 2.0”.

Very parent friendly, Disney.

Big W has the starter pack for the latest software, the biggest selling point of which is the arrival of MARVEL characters to the fold, for $68 including Thor, Ironman and Black Widow figures.

Big W are selling the figures at a whopping $15 but don’t worry… you can pick up the Iron Fist (who?) figure for half price when you purchase the starter pack. Talk about value!


Target: Starter pack for $68

JB Hi-Fi: Starter pack for $79, figures for $17

EB Games: Starter pack for $79.95, figures for $17.95

KMart: Starter pack for $69, figures for $12

Seen any better prices? Let me know! You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell


Why didn’t Nintendo think of that when designing the white gamepad?

The new white version of Sony’s PS4 controller features a sexy white finish on its shell, but the thumb sticks and d-pad are a deliciously contrasting black. We all know the original white Wii nunchuck thumb stick had a seriously unsightly issue where it went from white to yellow thanks to all the gross things excreting from our thumbs.

The sticks on the white Wii U gamepad go through the same unfortunate discolouration, and it was a design revelation (at least to me) that black sticks and buttons on a white controller shell could look so awesome.

Considering the sensor bar is basically a big black band across the top of the gamepad, contrasting black sticks would have complemented it well, just like they complement the touch pad and buttons on the DualShock 4.

If I was any way proficient with photoshop I’d have mocked something up to further illustrate what I mean, but I think you get the idea.

You forget about the germs you can't see.

You forget about the germs you can’t see.

My only concern is that the DualShock 4’s grips are slightly porous, so I wonder if that material in Glacier White is susceptible to discolouration thanks to our grotty gamer palms.

Hopefully Sony has thought about it, because it’d be a shame for anything to damage the aesthetics of what I reckon is one of the best looking (and feeling) controllers there’s ever been. I got this pic from EB Game’s Australia’s website, I hope they don’t mind.

I’m happy mussing up my friends’ DualShock 4’s for the time being, but when Uncharted 4 is out I’ll fork out for my own. You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell


Not only does it draw attention to something that pretty shocking that happened at e sport event Evo in Las Vegas recently, but he calls out an article I wrote on here rustyshell about Mario Kart 8. You’ve got a new fan, EventStatus.

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Rayman_Legends_Box_ArtI just got an email from Ubisoft that I thought was interesting. They announced that the next generation of Rayman Legends is here! Finally!, I thought.

Then I remembered the game appeared on Wii U ages ago. Perhaps Xbox One and PS4 aren’t in the same generation as Wii U. I’ll have more on that soon.

Two Rayman Legends posts in a row? Oh well, it’s a great game no matter what system you play it on. You can have a look at the interactive graphic Ubisoft sent Uplay users here: raymanubisoft.

It’s quite impressive I must say- and that Michael Franti song. Absolute perfection.

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ps4logoWhat an absolute joke. There’s no official Aussie price from Sony yet, but currently  $US399 (the U.S recommended retail price) converts to about $AU440, so I was expecting to see prices like $499 here in Australia.

Not so. Once again we are being rorted, with Target and EB Games are offering the machine for pre order for $549.

That’s $150 dollars more than America.

It’s too much, and considering Wii U launched for considerably less and sold terribly, if I was Sony I’d be having a good look at the Aussie pricing. Their machine isn’t exactly launching with any killer, must-have games either. Maybe K Mart will come good with a low price like they did with Wii U last November.

I’ll probably buy the damn thing on launch day anyway, even if it is just a PS3 with slightly better graphics. I’d be more psyched for it if there was a Little Big Planet, Gran Tourismo, or Uncharted game coming on launch day.

Cue the inevitable PS4 vs. Xbox One launch title comparison articles. I’d prefer to think about what Wii U has achieved in it’s year head start. That’s an article for later in the week.

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