sfvlogoIf you missed grabbing the game at $64 from Big W over the last few days, the best Australian retail price for Street Fighter V is $78 from Target.

No one’s come through with even a $69 price tag, which is disappointing.

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battlefrontboxI know it’s not appearing on any Nintendo platforms, but even as a non Star Wars fan, I’m excited for for the new Battlefront.

Reviews so far have been mixed.

By most accounts the single player components are lacking, and the overall content is lean, but the multiplayer elements of the game are pretty great.

And just look at those graphics.

Anyway, Big W has the best Australian retail price at $63, followed by Target at $64.

Remember JB Hi-Fi and EB Games will usually price match.

The game releases in Australia on PC, Xbox ONE and PS4 today.

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I know a second, third or fourth controller has always been a luxury, and I’ll admit that this generation has the best designed, most sophisticated line-up ever, but damn they’re still really expensive.

Each controller has distinct features which I’ll go into, but first I averaged out the price from five Aussie retailers.

Here are the results:

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Spoilers ahead.

While I was initially against two beings fighting as a team in Mortal Kombat X, after beating the game with Ferra/Torr I changed my tune.

Their epilogue, told in a series of still frames with a voiceover, is a tragic tale that will leave you strangely moved and a little bit heartbroken.

Have a look at the video below courtesy of Youtube user JakNak, but remember it can’t be un-watched and if you’re planning to play through Mortal Kombat X, don’t watch it.


bigwps4bundleWhile $568 is still a ludicrous amount of money to spend on a games console, if you’re in the market for a Playstation 4 right now, have a look at this bundle from Big W.

You get the PS4 console in black or white, as well as physical copies of Mortal Kombat X, The Last Of Us Remastered, Bloodborne, and The Order 1886.

There’s not a shovelware title in sight, and while The Order 1886 didn’t exactly set the world on fire, you’re getting the crowd-pleasing Mortal Kombat X, a universal opportunity to showcase your new PS4 to every person who comes near your television.

You’re also getting PS4’s best game in Bloodborne, and one of Playstation 3’s best games in The Last Of Us.

The Last Of Us becomes one of Playstation 4’s best experiences after you tack the word “Remastered” on to the title, and slightly upgrade the graphics.

I don’t begrudge Sony having a port as one of their machine’s flagship games when the PS4’s controller is so incredible to hold and use.

The DualShock 4 is such an immense improvement on the DualShock 3, you’d go and play your entire PS3 collection again with it, if Sony would just let you.

Anyway, this is a pretty impressive bundle. In fact, it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen, even if the general price of the PS4 is still a bit high.

The offer is valid until at least Wednesday May 20.

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The latest addition to the Mortal Kombat X line-up, wild west gunslinger Erron Black, bears a striking resemblance to another video game gunslinger, the unnamed protagonist others call “The Swordsman”, from Ubisoft’s Wii exclusive, Red Steel 2.

It turns out the character of Erron Black appeared in a Mortal Kombat comic book series, and that version of Erron bears even a great resemblance to The Swordsman.

Take a look at these pictures and disagree.

The unnamed hero, or "The Swordsman" from Red Steel 2

The unnamed hero, or “The Swordsman” from Red Steel 2

Erron Black from Mortal Kombat

Erron Black from Mortal Kombat

I suppose in the days of the old West it was hard (and probably dangerous) to be an individual when it came to fashion. Just ask John and Cole:

Colton White from GUN

Colton White from GUN

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption

I’m being facetious about Erron and The Swordsman, and two pics don’t tell an entire story, but do a quick Google search and you’ll see what I mean.

Thanks to www.designntrend.com, gematsu.com,  and lady-eklipse.livejournal.com for the pics.

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I’ve told you before that Jurassic Park is my favourite film franchise of all time, so my excitement for LEGO Jurassic World went through the roof when I saw the trailer.

It’s coming to every platform, including Wii U and 3DS.


ps4bundleTarget Australia is offering a 500GB PS4 with Infamous Second Son, Drive Club, and Little Big Planet 3 for $529.

Look, I still think the console is overpriced, but this bundle is a pretty good starter pack for anyone in the market for a PS4.

Infamous Second Son is PS4’s flagship title at this stage, and while LBP 3 reviewed badly, there’s an incredible online community that is worth getting amongst.

The offer ends on March 18, check out the details here.

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Is it me, or is there something not quite right about the facial animations and lip syncing in the new MKX trailer?

The faces seem stiff and expressionless, and the movements of the mouths in relation to what the characters are saying are unconvincing.

I’m not hating, I’m a huge Mortal Kombat fan and I’m as excited as all get out about the new game, but it just seems a bit last generation-y to me.

Is this the best the new consoles can offer at this stage? Surely not, but I’m pretty sure I saw comparable work in gamed like Uncharted 3 and GTA5 on older machines.

I get it’s only a trailer and there’s time to tweak things, but gross NetherRealm. Fix it please.

Also, here’s the fanboy alternative to the fourth sentence in this post:

“Is this the best the new consoles can offer at this stage? Surely not, but I’m pretty sure I saw comparable work in Dead Space Extraction on Wii six years ago.”


mkxLogoWith the news that Mortal Kombat X will have platform exclusive fighters, I wondered who from Nintendo’s universe would be bad ass enough to take on Scorpion and co. if the game was to come to Wii U.

I might preface this by saying this is not a serious list, it’s fantasy. Just like the prospect of Mortal Kombat X appearing on Wii U is fantasy.


. . .


The most obvious choice, (besides a realistic Bowser) Ganondorf is the ultimate Nintendo bad guy whose look and attitude fit right in with the Mortal Kombat universe.

His flaming red locks should be used to hair whip, a la Sindel, and he should also be using Fi in sword form and she can speak in gibberish as she tries to come to terms with just having sliced Kung Loa into triangles.


Zant appeared in Twighlight Princess, and was as memorable for his indiscriminate fury as he was for his  scary ass helmet.

Who better to join the Mortal Kombat roster than a magic commanding, beast summoning lunatic known as The King Of Shadows.

Travis Touchdowntravis

He doesn’t exactly have the dark, malicious swagger of most Mortal Kombat fighters, but isn’t it time a bit of humour came to the Dark Realm?

Johnny Cage tried to charm us by keeping things light, but Travis can take it one step further and be the ultimate insouciant kombatant.


Although Ridley isn’t exactly humanoid like all other Mortal Kombat fighters, I reckon it’s time for a flying purple dragon to make an appearance.

She’s one of Nintendo’s most enduring villains, and her maniacal penchant for the blood of everything and everyone makes her a good fit, as well as her having a cold blooded ally in Reptile.

King Gorongoron

There was Goro, so why not a Goron?

I’d love to see him dark, angry, and hairy like the Goron Chief we saw in Hyrule Warriors, and with the anger factor dialled up to twenty.

Shao Kahn isn’t the only one who can do some damage with an oversized hammer.

It’d be interested to see him in Xray though… what would be in there?


Before this turns into a list of Zelda baddies, I just want to say being able to control Lizalfos would be a dream come true for me.

Give us a dark, realistic version of the character complete with machete and rock arm.

He can be reptile and Ridley’s hideous lovechild who’s coming back to exact revenge on his parents for abandoning him on a hot rock when he was an infant.

Brigadier Bettybrigbetty

Don’t let her cheery demeanor fool you, no one’s that happy all the time.

Battalion Wars’ Brigadier Betty could be the ultimate bad bitch.

She’s new Sonya Blade- all tongue, all attitude and all woman, and if Sonya can mysteriously shoot energy rings out of herself as a human, so can Betty.

empressEmpress Lei-Qo

And as for Empress Lei-Qo, It’s about time there was a “traditional” Asian female in the Mortal Kombat roster. 

Although I don’t remember Qo and Betty showing any specific animosity toward each other in the Battalion Wars series, you can create a “you slept with my brother then killed him” contention between the two, just for a touch of spice.

. . .

Who deserves a start in Mortal Kombat? Ghirahim? Shadow Mario? Leave a comment!

Thanks to zeldawiki.org and metroid-database.com  for the pics.

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