With the devastating news about Mr. Iwata’s death, it’s important to remember that right now it’s about his family and friends.

In time it will be about us gamers and the company.

He gave us a lot and risked his career to do it, and that’s something that’s really worth talking about some time soon.

But for now I’ll leave it with this quote:

“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.”

-Satoru Iwata

. . .


This afternoon I walked into a JB Hi-Fi store to buy Mortal Kombat X, and asked the counter staff if they had any amiibo figures in stock.

I fully expected to be be laughed at, but instead the girl casually pointed and said “Whatever ones we have are behind that wall.”

To my complete surprise they had not only the easies like Mario, Pikachu, and Peach, but also Zelda, Link, and these four:

THE WINNER IS.... me actually, for once.

THE WINNER IS…. me actually, for once.

So amazed was I to see these in the wild, I bought two of each.

But it goes to show, there’s still places that have some of the more sought after figures in stock, so it’s always worth asking.

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my2centsE3 prediction pieces are a dime a dozen, and there’s many more qualified than I to predict Nintendo’s moves at the world’s most famous gaming convention.

So each year I throw in my two cents in the form of a wish list, however fantastical it might be.

Here’s what I want from Nintendo come June when the eyes of all gamers are on the Los Angeles show.

For me it’s games, games, games. I don’t need my Wii U to do anything else.

A new Waverace game.

Every year I ask for it, and every year I’m disappointed. Will this year be any different?

No, and considering Waverace is generally a showcase for what a new machine is capable of graphically, the probability of a Wii U Waverace title are slim to none.

That doesn’t mean I want it any less, though.

It’s one of Gamecube’s best games and one of my favourite racing games of all time.

This along with F-Zero GX (and others) really showcased how excellent Gamecube’s graphics could be, and Blue Storm‘s water is so wonderful to play on.

You have just aarned a taahbo.

You have just aarned a taahbo.

A new Batallion Wars game.

Dammit just hurry up with this, Nintendo.

Batallion Wars was an unreal Gamecube title, and despite some dodgy controls, the Wii sequel was just as good.

Metroid Prime 4.

I don’t care about innovation when it comes to Metroid. I’m not an uber-fan, I don’t particularly have a soft spot for the franchise.

All I know is the Metroid Prime series was an absolute blast to play, and more of a good franchise is always a good thing. I’d like a bigger focus on the shooting over exploration, and a way to scan things on the fly.

I also want the visor to speak to me when I scan something. Tell me the information so I don’t have to read large amounts of text. Throw in an easier to read map, and I’m sold.

Where... is my... Metroid Prime sequel..?    thanks to gamesrader.com for this pic

“Where…is my…Metroid Prime sequel..?”             thanks to gamesrader.com for this pic

Starfox Wii U to include online voice chat.

Nintendo pissed the world off yet again by not including this feature in their upcoming shooter Splatoon, so I don’t want a repeat.

Wii U’s camera is under-utilised too, so I want to see at least the ability to take a picture so you know who your opponent is, like Starfox 64 3D does (kind of, just google it) and Wii U’s Tank!Tank!Tank! did.

While I’m not excited for Splatoon like so many are, I am excited for Starfox and the possibilities online multiplayer can bring. Starfox 64 (or Lylat Wars) has a major “hardcore” following and a lot of those people want a new console Starfox game.

Video won't make people prefer using the Gamepad, but taking a pic of your face would be just as welcome.    thanks to nintendo3ds.wikia.com for this pic

Pass the Gamepad around for a selfie, we don’t need video. thanks to nintendo3ds.wikia.com for this pic

F-Zero GX2 or a HD remake of F-Zero GX.

Fans of Nintendo’s futuristic racing series have been left in the White Land cold for too long now. F-Zero GX was one of Gamecube’s best games.

Not only did it present a massive challenge, with it’s steep difficulty curve and unforgiving track design- it was also Gamecube’s best looking game. And in my opinion, one of the entire generation’s best looking games full stop.

Nintendo might not have been as focused on seriously challenging titles during the Wii years, but things have changed.

If we can’t have a new game with new tracks, I’ll settle for a HD remake of F-Zero GX with the arcade tracks thrown in as a sweetener.

The beautiful nightmare that is F-Zero GX.          thanks to nintendoeverything.com for this pic

The beautiful nightmare that is F-Zero GX.          thanks to nintendoeverything.com for this pic

Look at the stellar job Nintendo did on Wind Waker HD. The Wind Waker experience was faithfully recreated with some minor (but welcome) alterations to the gameplay, and it looked absolutely beautiful running on Wii U.

It was also well received by critics and the public, and introduced a classic game to a new audience while feeding the nostalgia monster inside every Gamecube and Nintendo fan that enjoyed it the first time around.

I say it’s time to give F-Zero GX the same treatment if we can’t have a completely new entry in the series.

Apart from that, I’m looking for an Australian release date for Xenoblade Chronicles X and at least eight more tracks for Mario Kart 8.

Thanks Nintendo.

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nintendologoThat’s great news.

At least one more version of our favourite franchises.

At least one more out there hardware idea that defies convention.

At least one more generation where a new Waverace game might happen.

At least one more generation where a new Battalion Wars game might happen.

At least one more generation for Nintendo to try to get third party support for their home console.

At least one more generation for Nintendo to change their logo from grey back to red.

It’s all good news.

But now the speculation about NX (Nintendo X?) begins.

It will be non stop for the next few years. It will be relentless.

The “how the NX can turn Nintendo’s fortunes around” articles will be everywhere.

Brace yourselves, Nintendo fans.


I’ll tell you the most exciting thing about the video.

It’s how fantastic Mr. Iwata looks after his recent health problems and subsequent weight loss.

Check him out in the video below.

Speculation often leads to disappointment.


netflixlogoWell so it should, but it’s still a feature I was kind of surprised to hear about.

The app takes full advantage of the two screen experience, allowing easy navigation using the stylus.

Here’s what TIME says about the app:

“Once something’s playing on the TV, the GamePad displays supplementary information, and you can continue to browse for other stuff without disturbing the current show. You can also flip the video from the TV onto the GamePad and watch there.”

I’m obviously not trying to break news, I just think this is really cool and Aussies have been waiting for (some more impatiently than others) the service to arrive in Australia for a long time.

Netflix is launching in Australia on Tuesday March 24, though no pricing has been announced.


stickspI won’t be making a habit of this, but I thought you might be interested in this story that I read on an Australian tabloid news site, news.com.au.

Following the death of professional cricketer Phillip Hughes, the developers of the popular mobile game Stick Cricket have changed some animations in the game that were there for comedic value, but now “no longer funny”.

Check out the full story on news.com.au here.

If you’re not from a cricket playing country you can read about what happened to this young Aussie cricketer here.


I couldn’t find one.

Of the stores myself and a friend visited between us over the Christmas break period in the Sydney and Illawarra regions, there was:

  • 6 EB Games
  • 6 JB Hi-Fi stores
  • 4 Big W stores
  • 3 Target stores
  • 3 KMart stores

And not only did no one have a Little Mac, no one had a single amiibo in stock, from wave one (give or take the odd Mario or Pikachu) or wave two.

Not even my favourite “hidden gem” EB Games stores had any in stock. (I can’t tell you where these stores are, but they always have great bargains and rare titles on sale).

I stopped to think about a bigger picture when I was preparing this article.

Had I gone mad? I mean, these little bits of plastic cost around $15 each and don’t even have a dedicated game to use them in, and very limited functionality as it is.

Yet I contacted twenty-two places to find one.

Does this mean I need to grow up and get a life? Yes. Yes it does.

Still, a lot of places assured me there was new stock on the way, some even telling me Marth and Wii Fit Trainer are coming.

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whitegamecubeHave a look at this immaculate new white Gamecube controller. It’s brand new and it’s a Japan only affair, although you can apparently have one shipped to Australia through play-asia.

What a comeback story. The Gamecube controller is the best controller ever created, and despite its slightly off putting appearance is proving to be one of the most enduring in terms of popularity.

And a lot of that has to do with how great it is to play Smash Bros. with.

Anyone who’s played Smash for Wii U with the GC controller knows that it’s not just about nostalgia anymore- it now feels as though it was built for Smash Bros.

Nintendo’s flagship franchise can’t exist without it on a home console, and thankfully for the time being it doesn’t have to.

I first read about this delightful product on nintendolife.com.

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Rusty_Shell_HOT3I haven’t done an I Like Mondays post for ages, it’s where I talk about cool article or other useful stuff I saw on the net. Have a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Firstly this funny little piece from Joey Davidson at technobuffalo about the experience of buying an amiibo.

Then there’s this interesting read from John Kinsley at wiiudaily about Reggie and how Mario Kart 8 doubled thier Wii U business.

I’m not in the habit of linking to the big guys, but this piece from IGN about exactly what amiibo’s can do right is really informative, and changed my mind about picking one up.

Lastly a Smash Bros. for Wii U review. There’s millions around, but this one from Kevin Femmel at gimmegimmegames is a good one. He says:

“Booting up Smash Bros for Wii U after playing the 3DS version extensively since October takes away a lot of the initial “wow” factor.”

Well Kevin, I knew that was going to happen and that’s why I only played the demo a couple of times just to satisfy my curiosity.

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