samusThis is a damn good buy, especially for those like myself who didn’t pick up a Wii retail copy.

Unfortunately there’s no support for any controllers other than the Wii remote/nunchuck combo, but what did we expect?

I’m not huge on Prime 2: Echoes, but Prime and Prime 3 are absolutely incredible games, and certainly worth thirteen dollars to play for the first time, or the thirty-first time.

Metroid Prime looked absolutely incredible on the Gamecube back when it was released, and you better believe it still looks great today.

Prime 3 proved not only that Wii games could look amazing, but the Wii remote/nunchuck combo could be an immersive and intuitive control set up for first person shooters.

Reminds you how very welcome a sequel would be. Surely they’re already working on it…

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eshopJust a final reminder that December 31, 2014 is the last day your eShop downloads contribute to your redeemable points in the Nintendo Network Premium Deal.

If you were considering an eShop purchase, make it in the next 24 hours!

You’ve got until March 30, 2015 to redeem your accumulated points.

For more on the deal, have a look at this. And get spending.

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eshopNintendo’s confusing but generous promotion that started at the launch of Wii U two years ago, is about to come to an end.

If you have a black Wii U and are an avid eShop user you’re probably already across this promotion and what it entails.

If not, read my guide explaining everything and remember you’ve got until December 31 to accumulate points, and until March to redeem them for eShop codes.

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eshopWelcome back to my occasional post where I look at what’s going on in the Wii U eShop right now.

Anyone can just open the eShop and see for themselves, but I like having a few laughs while looking at what deserves our attention.

Every time I write one of these, the eShop continues to grow and improve, and that I’m not joking about. Sales here, bargains there, and incredibly convoluted deals for free or discounted stuff.

The eShop is becoming more like a real store every month.

toonlinkIt’s The Legend Of Zelda Weeks (not week or month) this weeks on the eShop, and if you’re a Zelda fan, you’re kind of in for a treat. Here’s one of those convoluted deals I was talking about:

You’ll get 10% off your Hyrule Warriors eShop purchase between September 20-26 if you purchase another Zelda title from the eShop.

Good news though, because they’re all discounted. Get:

  • Wind Waker HD for $53.50 instead of $80 (that’s 33% off, Zelda fans!)
  • Legend Of Zelda for $4.55 instead of $6.50
  • Zelda II for $4.55 instead of $6.50

Still no word on an actual price for Hyrule Warriors, but I’m guessing we’re looking at a $79.95 job. It’ll be heaps cheaper at retail, I’d say.

I don’t see how this promo is really for the Zelda fans, especially considering most fans would have all the discounted games already, and the mega fans have sniffed out a Hyrule Warriors collector’s edition with that fetching blue scarf.

Anyway, hopefully some more Zelda bargains are to be had next weeks, when The Legend Of Zelda Weeks continues….

Elsewhere, Steamworld Dig, the much hyped and extremely well reviewed action/adventure/platformer from Image & Form has released on Wii U for $11.49. There’s 25% off the game if you already own it on 3DS. Too bad if you’ve got on in one of the other eighty platforms it’s out on. Full price for you. Miiverse is going nuts for this.

Mario Kart 8 Mercedes DLC and Update is out now, and if you’ve turned your Wii U on in the last week you’ve already downloaded it. The quick start menu guided you to the download, and there’s constant reminders now embedded in the in game menu.

Then there’s the new DLC packs coming later. Buy them both, get the coloured Yoshis and Shyguys, and thank your lucky stars Nintendo are doing DLC thier way. $16 for 16 new tracks? Yes, yes and yes.

Another yes for the fact one of them is Wario’s Goldmine. That’s four yes’s. You’re going to Sydney.

Zen Pinball 2 add on content. Australians are paying $4.35 a table. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or MARVEL then you’ll probably find that reasonable, especially considering you can download a trial of the tables before you buy. In fact, you have to download the trial. It’s good to see this game still getting some from love Zen Studios. It’s fantastic.

Nano Assault Neo is 25% off at $9.75 (until September 11). It’s soon going to stop being a Nintendo exclusive, but that’s a good thing. You want indie developer Shin’En to keep making great games, so more money equals more possibility of that.

I’ve never played this outside the demo but Miiverse players swear by it, it’s reviewed wonderfully.

Shin’En are bringing an F-Zero style racer to Wii U called Fast Racing Neo. There’s not even a single screen shot yet, but I’m excited.

Chasing Aurora is half price at $3.99 until September 11. Read this, and this, and do yourself a favour and grab it for $4, even if it waits for a rainy multiplayer day.

Wii Sports Club boxing and baseball are really both terrible. Download the 24 hour trial and I bet you won’t spend the $13 to own these two duds again. Where the hell was table tennis, Nintendo? Oh, you’re saving that for Resort Club? I’ll wait.

vconsolelogoOn the Virtual Console front, nothing much exciting is happening at all. Mario Golf Advance Tour is still way too dear at $9.10, though the Fire Emblem fans are happy with the original being available. $9.10 is still too much.

Still no Nintendo 64 or Gamecube games. I get the Big N is busy with other stuff, and Wii U is the only current generation console to offer backwards compatibility, but I’d still love to play F-Zero X and Waverace Blue Storm on my Gamepad and tell Miiverse all about it.

I’d even pay $9.10 for the pleasure. If I find out later that I’m getting a HD remake of either of these two games I’ll forgo every other Gamecube and Nintendo 64 experience on VC and all will be forgiven. ok, those two and Battalion Wars.

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07-ChasingAurora-WiiUThe criminally underrated Wii U eShop exclusive Chasing Aurora is now $3.99 on the eShop until September 9. This unique little multiplayer title is from Broken Rules, the guys behind And Yet It Moves, a WiiWare gem (which you can now get on PC).

The game offers local multiplayer for 5 players, and makes use of the “asymmetrical gameplay” that Nintendo talked up in Wii U’s early days, then subsequently forgot about (much to the detriment of the console itself, but that’s another story).

You fly a bird around a 2D environment in an unusual mix of racing, tips, (or “tag” for the Americans) and hide-and-seek. Multiplayer is certainly where it’s at with Chasing Aurora, and if you’re lucky enough to have four friends to play with you should definitely hand over four bucks to play this game.

What I have to say though, is it does take a little while to get to grips with what’s going on and appreciate the mechanics of the controls. This is amplified by the fact that the art style is so unusual.

On release, there was some issues with the frame rate but it has been fixed, and you can play using the Wii remote/nunchuck combo.

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What a day this has been for Mario Kart 8 fans.

Today’s update brought with it some incredibly exciting and unexpected news. Two new DLC packs are coming, and they’re worth getting excited about.

Here’s what we can extract from the screens Nintendo showed after the download completed, you can access the info from the MK8 main menu.

Pack 1 Contains:

  • Link, Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach as drivers
  • A new F-Zero themed track
  • A new Excitebike themed track
  • Wario’s Goldmine and Rainbow Road from Mario Kart Wii (UPDATE: It seems on closer inspection, it isn’t a shot of Wii’s Rainbow Road, it’s just MK8’s RR, used to showcase the Blue Falcon)
  • F-Zero’s Blue Falcon car, as well as 3 other new vehicles
  • 8 new tracks over two cups

Pack 2 Contains:

  • Dry Bowser as a driver
  • Villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing as drivers
  • An Animal Crossing themed track
  • 4 new vehicles
  • 8 new tracks over two cups
Still no Paratrooper. What gives?

Still no Paratrooper. What gives?

There was small pic of a dark, forresty looking track in the pack 2 screen. Does anyone know if this is a remake of a previous track? I can’t place it.

Also, if you purchase both packs you get 8 different coloured Yoshis to choose from, and 8 different coloured Shy Guys. You can use them in the game right away when you pay.

The news gets better:

  • Pack 1 alone releases November 2014
  • Pack 2 alone released May 2015
  • Pack 1 & 2 together cost $16
  • Packs individually cost $10 each

So buy both packs for $16, and that’s a dollar per track. Amazoing.

But I’m completely spewing that Paratrooper STILL got overlooked for a start in the game.

Nintendo are doing DLC their own way, and i’m loving it.

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mercIn the words of Barney Gumble, “It begiiiiiinns“.

Nintendo’s latest big news DLC update is here. It’s the one where you get three new vehicles and some upgrades to the already wonderful Mario Kart 8.

The best news is you won’t miss it, Nintendo’s made sure of it. You’ll be notified on the Wii U quick start screen with a button to directly download, or boot up the game and there’s a glaring new icon on the main menu, taking you through a simple download process.

It take mere seconds.

I thought it might have been automatic seeing as it’s an update, but this is just as good.

Nintendo is handling DLC with TLC, and for us fans, that’s freaking great news.


eshopThe Wii U eShop is improving and evolving from month to month, which is great to see. Here’s my take on how things are right now, and what’s worth our attention. Hopefully you’ll have a chuckle, too.

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition is out now. If you’re old enough to remember this absolute classic on Amiga, you’ll already be feeling that nostalgic curiosity and wondering if it’s worth the $10.40 asking price.

If those memories aren’t there, you’d probably watch the trailer and think “what’s the big deal?”.

And fair enough. It’s just a classic that resonated because it was unique and original. The soundtrack is unforgettable, and it looked fabulous at the time. It’s fantastic in every sense of the word, but if you don’t have anyone in your ear saying “you’ve got to play Another World”, wait until it comes on sale.

Meanwhile, Nintendo are still flogging Super Mario 3D World for $79.95. It’s a premium product, sure. But you can get it for $25 less at retail. Time to knock the price down a bit on your first parties, Nintendo.

Puzzle platformer Toki Tori 2 is 80% off, at $3.99. Comes recommended.

vconsolelogoOver on the Virtual Console front, we’re still waiting for the Gamecube games. Nintendo are really behind the eight ball on this. A Gamecube controller adapter is coming, and surely not for just one game.

Nintendo must think there’s enough people who own a Gamecube controller and a Wii U to warrant manufacturing and releasing a peripheral. They just mustn’t think those same people would pay to play F-Zero GX on the Gamepad. I don’t understand why that is.

Mario Power Tennis for $9.10? Get real. Super Punch Out!! for $10.40? Not a chance. At least Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training is free. Thanks for that, Nintendo.

Pac Man Collection for $7.80 is more like it- well suited to gamepad play. The arcade Pac Man by itself for $2.50 would have been better.

Super Mario Kart is $1.95. No word on how long for. Get it now.

And then have a browse through the Super Nintendo section of Virtual Console and wonder who’s making the decisions on what games get the VC treatment. Seriously, Vegas Stakes? At $10.40, it’s not even worth thinking of a gambling related pun to express my distain.

wii_sports_clublogoDon’t forget Wii Sports Club adds baseball and boxing to round out the line up of sports. What a shame, I was hoping for HD remakes of cycling and canoeing. Oh well.

There’s a 24 hour trial for both the sports which download automatically. $13 for both the new sports is alright, but you’ll still be pining for table tennis and hoping Nintendo reconsiders their position on this being the last Wii Sports Club update.

Finally, don’t forget about the free game you got with Mario Kart 8. I still haven’t decided between The Wonderful 101 and Wii Party U. The offer ends July 31st.

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BT-Q3N9IcAE6E8aJust as well.

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo is offering a FREE download of a full priced game from the eShop when you buy Mario Kart 8.

Pretty amazing. Here’s the details from Nintendo Australia’s website:

Whether Mario Kart 8 is purchased at retail or via Nintendo eShop, if you register an accompanying Club Nintendo PIN code of the game with Club Nintendo between 31st May 2014 (00:01 AEST) and 31st July 2014 (23:59 AEST), you will be eligible to claim a free download code for one of 10 selected Wii U games by 31st August 2014 (23:59 AEST). This offer also applies to Club Nintendo PIN codes included in the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition software offering and Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack hardware bundle.

If anything at all, early adopters can usually look forward to something trivial or token, but a full priced game for free? A very welcome surprise, and a nice thank you from Nintendo to the supporters of their embattled new machine.

Interestingly it seems we get to choose from more games than the U.S.

According to Nintendo America’s website there’s four games to choose from, but in Europe/Aus/NZ we get to pick from ten:

NSMBU, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Game & Wario, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic At Sochi 2014, Wii Party U, The Wonderful 101 and NintendoLand.

I am tossing up between The Wonderful 101 and Wii Party U.

Which game will you be downloading for free? Leave a comment!


tntlogoWhile there’s a myriad of sales happening on Wii U’s eShop right now, make sure you don’t overlook this one.

TNT Racers is a fun four player party game, and well worth $6.50. Have a look at my review here and do yourself a favour and pick it up. It’s a cheap evenings’ entertainment.

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