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This afternoon I walked into a JB Hi-Fi store to buy Mortal Kombat X, and asked the counter staff if they had any amiibo figures in stock.

I fully expected to be be laughed at, but instead the girl casually pointed and said “Whatever ones we have are behind that wall.”

To my complete surprise they had not only the easies like Mario, Pikachu, and Peach, but also Zelda, Link, and these four:

THE WINNER IS.... me actually, for once.

THE WINNER IS…. me actually, for once.

So amazed was I to see these in the wild, I bought two of each.

But it goes to show, there’s still places that have some of the more sought after figures in stock, so it’s always worth asking.

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scribblenautsboxRooster couture.

Scribblenauts is a unique puzzle game series that challenges players to solve problems by using both common sense and their imagination.

Scribblenauts was the first in the series, released for the DS in 2009.

Not only did it show the world that there was still original gaming ideas out there, but it also introduced us to an adorable new gaming mascot in Maxwell, the game’s fashion forward young protagonist.

The original was well received by critics and gamers alike, but the follow up, Super Scribblenauts, is where the true magic started.

The concept is simple enough: write words (e.g. ladder, chair) and they appear in the game to overcome puzzles. Whats sets Super Scribblenauts apart though is the way you’re challenged to use your technical brain as much as your artistic brain.

The more creative you are with your solutions, the more you’re rewarded. Super Scribblenauts encourages you to try again until you get it right, but occasionally pulls you back in line in humorous ways for taking chances that were too out there.

For example, if Maxwell needs to start a fire, write “dragon” and one will appear. Hopefully his fire breath will start the fire. Instead, the dragon turns on Maxwell and starts burning him to death. Quickly type in “dragon slayer” while you’re running away and hope he can kill the dragon in time.

But don’t give up on the dragon. Next time Maxwell needs to clear a pile of leaves for someone that dragon might cooperate. That’ll give you more points than using a rake or a leaf blower. You develop a “let me try this” approach to the problems, and when one of your more outrageous ideas happens to work, it’s extremely satisfying.

The range of words (proper nouns and adjectives) the game interprets is truly impressive, and the ways you can interact with your own creations will surprise and delight you time and time again.

Sometimes challenging, sometimes silly, but always adorable. That’s Scribblenauts as a series, and if you’ve yet to play any of them, start with this one.

And whatever you do, don’t get it on iPad. Get it on DS.

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knucklesI love me some Shadow The Hedgehog, with his red highlights and gun toting bad assness, and I’d love to see him playable in Smash Bros., but I think there’s someone from the Sonic universe who deserves it more.

I’m talking about everyone’s favourite monotreme, Knuckles The Echidna.

First introduced (as far as I am aware) in Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Knuckles quickly became popular with SEGA fans, appearing in heaps of subsequent Sonic games.

I want Knuckles in the roster not because I particularly like him, or because he has a move set I’d like to use in Smash.

Not even because of some nostalgic connection I have to his games or the fact Echidna’s are native to Australia.

It actually has more to do with spite.

I want him there, and I voted for him, simply because I hope Tails doesn’t get in. He’s a smarmy jerk and I’ve never liked him.

Go Knuckles.

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travisWhen I think about characters I’d love the chance to control again, behind Ricky Winterborn (because I just want a friggen new Wave Race!) is always No More Heroes protagonist, Travis Touchdown.

He’s got a built in, combat ready move set, with the beam katana being the most obvious for inclusion.

He can also get Smash Bros. wacky quite easily- how about Travis throwing his cat Jeane at enemies as his up-B move?

Throw in a “darkside mode” Super Smash, and he’s all set to go.

He’ll have to watch his language of course, but Snake behaved himself, so Travis should be able to.

You can vote for who you want to fight as here, and remember any character will be considered for the spot.

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vconsolelogoMy enthusiasm about Nintendo 64 and DS games finally arriving on Wii U’s Virtual Console came to a crashing halt when I saw the pricing.

Thirteen Australian dollars each? It’s way too much.

I don’t care that there’s Miiverse integration or customisable control options. Nintendo have done nothing in the way of enhancements or new content, so asking $13 for years old games is ludicrous. And promoting “buy three get one free” as a promotion is borderline insulting.

I understand Nintendo first party games are premium products, but a $4.95 price tag would have been much more generous and realistic.

Nintendo have spoken about how the Virtual Console service was becoming less popular due to the high quality (and quantity) indie games available on the eShop, but I reckon it’s more to do with the ridiculous pricing and severe lack of choice.

The line-up of games is uninspired to say the least, and while I’d love to revisit Donkey Kong 64 from the comfort of my Gamepad, there’s no way in hell I’m paying thirteen dollars for the privilege.

Nor am I paying for Mario Kart DS again when they haven’t even restored online functionality. I understand Nintendo Wi-Fi no longer functions, but this is still extremely lazy, and it rips out a massive chunk of what made Mario Kart DS so great in the first place.

We have been waiting for Nintendo to fully embrace the possibilities Virtual Console offers for so long now, it makes you wonder whether it will ever be anything other than a second thought.

It’s such a shame, because considering their back catalogue of incredible games, Virtual Console has the potential to be the jewel in a Nintendo console’s crown, and a reason to own their machines.

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Like most Nintendo enthusiasts, I think the Nintendo Direct presentations are the best thing ever.

Hearing information and news straight from the big wigs at the company is a real thrill, and Iwata has an uncanny way of making it seem as if he’s talking directly to you, something I don’t think any other company president does (or could even pull off).

And, like most Nintendo fans, I’m keen to analyse each new presentation and give my thoughts about what Nintendo shared with us.

Today’s is no different, so here I go.

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xenoblade-chronicles-3d-logoUntil April 19, Target Australia are selling the New Nintendo 3DS exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for a pretty sweet $47.

The game releases on April 2, giving you over two weeks to grab it at this low price.

$47 is the best price I’ve seen so far, and not bad at all for a AAA new release, even if it is an “enhanced port”.

I didn’t see anyone saying The Last Of Us Remastered wasn’t a AAA release.

Anyway, If I see any better prices I’ll post them.

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luigiamiiboQ2I guess the demand isn’t as high as it is for the Smash Bros. series amiibo.

Not surprising considering we’ve have Luigi, Mario, Peach and Bowser before, although I was surprised to see a few Toad figures still hanging around.

I picked up everyone but Bowser (only because I couldn’t find one that was made well enough) and although this Luigi looks better than the Smash Bros. Luigi, in real life Peach a bit out of scale and her dress takes up the entire round podium she’s standing on. Not as great as her first.

Anyway, JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, and Big W all still have stock of each new amiibo, as well as the Mario Party 10 bundle, five days after they launched.

Check out the full amiibo line up here, and remember Wave 4 comes out in Australia on Saturday, April 25.

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I’ve told you before that Jurassic Park is my favourite film franchise of all time, so my excitement for LEGO Jurassic World went through the roof when I saw the trailer.

It’s coming to every platform, including Wii U and 3DS.


I’ll tell you the most exciting thing about the video.

It’s how fantastic Mr. Iwata looks after his recent health problems and subsequent weight loss.

Check him out in the video below.

Speculation often leads to disappointment.


NFP_logo_0702_cmyk_fix_cs6_CA public holiday?

Yes, but the stores will still be open seeing as the gifted ANZAC Day public holiday is Friday the 24th this year.

Unless you’ve pre ordered, heading into stores early to find one seems as though it’d be a pretty futile exercise, even if you are planning to be up at dawn for the ANZAC commemorations.

I’m getting my Charizard this time, then I’m gonna settle down and wait for Nintendo to ship some more to stores, if that ever happens.

If I see any news or tips about where to get Wave 4 I’ll post it, otherwise I wish you all the best of luck getting the ones you want.



majoraTarget Australia is still selling Majora’s Mask 3D for the very reasonable price of $48.

The offer is on until at least Wednesday, March 25.

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mp10EB Games are offering the Mario Party 10 with Mario amiibo bundle for pre order.

At $79.95, it’s just $10 more than the disc by itself, so in theory this is good value.

If you want that Mario amiibo than you’ll pre order of course, but you can pretty much guarantee there’ll be a cheaper price for just the disc.

I’ll do a price round up as we get closer to the date, and you can pre order from EB here.


donkeyamiiboIn this occasional post, I’ll take a look at how a game franchise has progressed over time by ranking my favourites in the series.

If I haven’t played it I’ll tell you, and ports and remakes automatically go last but their impact will be recognised if necessary.

Do the games get better with each new iteration?

Or do they lose their lustre and become stale?

I’m kicking things off with the Donkey Kong Country series. I’m not including the handheld Donkey Kong Land games, it’s Country only.

1. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (Super Nintendo)

Released second, in 1995. Bettered the original in the graphics and variety of levels, Diddy stood on his own as a star.

2. Donkey Kong Country (Super Nintendo)

Released first, in 1994. Original and most memorable, but ideas were refined in DKC2. Check out this Australian commercial from 1994…

3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)

Released sixth, in 2014. HD graphics and a blistering pace make the game feel new again.

4. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! (Super Nintendo)

Released third, in 1997. Felt a bit try-hardie in terms of going bigger and better, and although I like Dixie, I don’t think she deserved to be in the title.

5. Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Released fourth, in 2010. Wii controls were not ideal in some instances, a bit too difficult in some areas, and some bosses just pissed me right off.

6. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS) and Donkey Kong Country 3 (Gameboy Advance)

These are just enhanced ports, so last on my list. I have never played either of these. Still, check out this cool commercial, back when Nintendo was at the top of their marketing game…

The Verdict:

While the buzz around how amazing the original DKC’s graphics were on the Super Nintendo certainly made playing it that much more exciting, the Country series has, from the start, had pretty much everything going for it.

Loveable characters, a cheeky sense of humour, and genuine gameplay thrills. Whether it be the nerve wracking rush of the on-rails levels, or the thrill of finally getting the better of a deviously tricky level- the Donkey Kong Country series is fun and frustrating, but almost always manages to get the balance right.

While the second in the series is best for me, all the games are among the highest quality platform games ever made, and all were critical and commercial successes.

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rosalinaamiiboRosalina’s meteoric rise to prominence in the Nintendo universe is unprecedented.

She’s become extremely popular with fans in a very short space of time, but there’s some people who think she’s hiding a monumental secret that explains why, despite being a newcomer, she’s very much entitled to her place among the Mushroom Kingdom aristocracy.

Watch these two videos to find out more, but first have a look at Rosalina’s achievements since we first met her in 2007:

  • Made her debut in the most critically acclaimed game of all time, and returned for the sequel a short time later
  • Was playable in the Mario Kart of the same generation as her debut appearance
  • Has a track named after her in Mario Kart 7, Rosalina’s Ice World
  • Appeared as a playable character in the Smash Bros. game one the generation after her debut
  • Her amiibo figure is one of the most sought after of all those available
  • She will appear in a console Mario Party title one generation after her debut, and she was playable in the handheld Mario Party Island Tour
  • Was a playable character in Mario Golf World Tour

But most astonishing of all, she appeared as a playable character in a main series Mario title just one generation after her debut, joining stalwarts like Luigi, Toad and Peach.

Being playable in a main series Mario game is an honour bestowed on only a favoured few, yet Rosalina has managed it with little to no resentment from long time Nintendo fans.

Now take a look at these incredible videos…

And part two…

I realise these videos are from a while ago, but still definitely worth watching and discussing.

Are you a Rosalina fan? What do you think the reason behind her incredible popularity is? Leave a comment!


miimakerLong story short, my Mii needed to update his hairstyle, a lot had changed since I created him in 2006.

Because he’s my Wii U user Mii- that is the one I use to log in to to my Wii U- I found I couldn’t edit him in the Mii maker.

Was he destined to live with that short spiky hair forever? Thankfully, no.

Here’s how to edit your user Mii, it’s quite easy but I thought I’d share it just in case there’s some people who can’t figure it out:

  • From the Wii U menu click on the Mii icon in the top left corner
  • Click on Change Mii, hit OK
  • Click Edit Registered Mii
  • Make your alterations as you would in Mii Maker
  • Click Register

Easy as that. Incidentally, I tried out all the longer hairstyles on my Mii, even the pony tails my mother hates so intently.

None of them suited him, so he’s still got his spiky hair.

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wilfredI’ve got 1900 stars in my Club Nintendo account, and although there’s nothing I’m really keen on redeeming them for, Nintendo Australia is assuring us there’ll be new items added before the service is discontinued on September 30, 2015.

The thing is, from April there’ll be no more new codes being given out for games or hardware, so I can’t see any way I can increase my star balance.

I’ve got every Wii U and 3DS game I want, and I’ve got every first party Wii game except Mario Sports Mix.

(I couldn’t find a full list of European titles that contained redemption codes, but have a look at this if you want an idea)

I received absolutely no stars for purchasing a New Nintendo 3DS XL which I’m still spewing about, so I don’t know where I can collect some more stars from at this point.

Maybe I’ll just have to buy a few Mario note books and perhaps some face cloths and be happy with those.

The best item I could ever afford.

The best item I could ever afford.

My favourite item from Club Nintendo was the Zelda 3DS XL carry case. I was using it as a toiletries bag before I bought a New Nintendo 3DS.

I also got some playing cards which were awesome.

Unlike the convoluted goings on in America, in Australia you have until September 30 to both redeem codes for stars and stars for items.


targetlogoYou know I’m not big on encouraging online game shopping, but according to Target is having a sale on it’s eBay store and there’s some bargains to be had on Nintendo hardware and software.

Check out the story on here and hurry because they’re reporting it all ends on February 22.

I also just realised it’s time to update my Target logo graphic.


charizamI don’t know why Nintendo can’t just recast all the amiibo models that are out of stock around the world, and I don’t care about the intricacies of how supply and demand make something valuable.

Nintendo’s amiibo figures are little bits of plastic that a LOT of people want and can’t get. Nintendo aren’t trading these things, they’re selling them.

If someone wanted something I was selling and only I could supply it, I’d bloody well make some more and sell them. Especially if I had investors to please and some of my other products weren’t selling as well as I’d hoped.

I’m not an expert in plastic die casting, nor do I understand what costs would be involved in dusting off the moulds and slapping together some more Wii Fit Trainers, but I sure as hell know that if Nintendo made more amiibo figures, they’d sell them.

Wave 4 is coming (here’s the line up) and come hell or high water, I’m getting a Charizard.

I only secured a Yoshi and a Donkey Kong from Wave 1 alhough I had the opportunity to get them all, and after missing out on everything else I wanted from Wave 2 and 3, I kind of resigned myself to the fact that the hunt is too difficult.

I thought about giving up, not even caring about the next wave. Take some advice from every five year old on the planet and let it go… let it go.

Then of course they announce Wave 4.

And one of my favourite Nintendo characters, and a main in Smash Wii U Charizard is included.

I’m going to have to get him, and once again spend the next few months wondering why the hell I’m obsessing over tiny little plastic statues.

At least this time it’s an awesome little plastic dragon.

No release date has been set for amiibo Wave 4.

Nintendo have an official amiibo compatibility chart you can see here.


mh4Not a bad price for the latest AAA title for 3DS.

It’s a big week for adventure fan’s wallets this week, but at least you can pick up the two big releases for 3DS this week for under $100 if you can shop at Target.

Remember JB Hi-Fi and EB Games will price match, you just gotta decide who you support.

All’s fair in love and retail, and I say go where the staff are friendly and respectful.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is released in Australia on February 14, the same day as Majora’s Mask 3D.