snannyEven after introducing an R18+ category for video games earlier this year, two games in as many days have been refused classification here in Australia by the Australian Classification Board. Refused classification. First it was Saint’s Row IV because it features sexualised violence involving an anal probe, and drug related “rewards” for the players. Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

The next game to be refused classification (I thought we wouldn’t have to say that any more) is State Of Decay on Xbox Live Arcade. Again, the game features drug related rewards or “power ups” for the player. These drugs have real world names and some of them are illegal. Refused classification.

I would usually not even bother writing about this kind of thing and while it has nothing to do with Nintendo, it’s still really annoying that there’s such a blatant double standard when it comes to classification of entertainment mediums in this country. It seems video games are afforded a harsher scrutiny simply because they’re video games. I wonder if any of the board have seen the movie Requiem For A Dream, allowed and R18+ release in Australia. Or 24 Hour Party People. Drugs aren’t so bad, mmmkay.

If you want an example of extreme sexualised violence, have a look at The Exorcist. The example I’m talking about involves a twelve year old girl. A minor. Yet the film was allowed release in Australia. Available on DVD to buy, in a store, and watched on your tv at home.

While I have no desire to play Saints Row IV or State Of Decay, I just wanted to express my annoyance at these double standards. Australia is quickly becoming a nanny state and I don’t like it. I do however like Supernanny and she looks particularly fetching in this picture.