I used to think the Playstation 3 was bad with its install and updates with games, but  Xbox One seems to be worse.

Gran Tourismo 6 was a killer for me a few years ago when I foolishly agreed to download updates upon putting the game into the system for the first time. It took a good half hour before I could actually play the game.

This happened with so many games on the PS3, but at least those updates (and some installs) were optional if you just wanted to play the game from the disc.

Xbox One games seem to be plagued with these kinds of annoyances as well. I wasn’t allowed to play Forza Horizon 2 from the disc at all unless I agreed to the updates, but they were relatively painless.

Sunset Overdrive, however, set a new benchmark for me  when I popped the disc into the machine.

I was greeted with this screen. The game required an update. But not just any old update. A frigging 3.2 gigabyte update.

A 3.2 gigabyte "update" before I even get to play it?

A 3.2 gigabyte “update” before I even get to play it?

I thought I’d try signing out of Xbox LIVE to play but of course, I can’t save my progress if I’m not signed in.

So I had to do what Sunset Overdrive was asking of me, and, 45 minutes later it was still downloading and installing.

I fell asleep on the lounge that night, and woke up at 4am to find the Xbox off and my neck extremely sore.

I love modern gaming, and though I wouldn’t trade this technology for the world, I sometimes yearn for the good old days when you could open a game for the first time and start playing straight away.

Why any game requires and update right out of the box is beyond me.

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