flag_template_colourIt always happens to us. And while I’m not complaining there’s nothing to play on the system, I just don’t see why there’s a plethora of games or the eShop and at retail that we either aren’t getting or still waiting for. With Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge having been released on the eShop just this week in Oz, there’s a slew of other games we’re still waiting for dowwwwn unda.

1. The Spider-Man Ultimate Edition

Activision confirmed the game wasn’t coming to Aus. There is a PAL version in the UK so why this decision was taken is anyone’s guess. It’s not even available on the eShop.

2. 007 Legends

This is kind of a who cares scenario, as the game was supposedly pretty rubbish. So who cares? Not me, but still it’s one less game. Activision again.

3. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

Again a supposedly sub-par title, and we can perhaps thank the gaming gods no one wasted their money on this. There’s Zombi U to play before this anyway.

4. Might Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition

The Miiverse community would have you believe this side scrolling action/puzzle/shooter is the bees knees. Teen Gamers Network posted a pretty sweet review of the game, watch it here. Still mysteriously missing from the Aussie eShop. The OFLC has rated it, so you’d think it’ll be coming eventually.

5. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (at retail)

I’m not huge on downloading full retail games, not least because you have to pay the eShop’s exorbitant prices for the privilege. Australia doesn’t seem to be getting a retail version of Razor’s Edge, despite it being the first game in Australia to be classified R18+ in Australia since the new classification was introduced. I wonder how the eShop asks for I.D? Does anyone know?

 6. Bit. Trip Presents… Runner 2 Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien

Why the hell are we still waiting for this game? The Bit. Trip series was definitely a highlight from the WiiWare era, and to still be waiting for this while everyone else, including those dirty XBLA players, are able to play it, is very disappointing.

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