You can’t go wrong with these great value PS3 games. If a game is featured here, it’s worth buying.

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Ratchet & Clank Future

Lombax & lombax.

Combining action, platforming and puzzle elements, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction delivers fun, frantic, blood free action on PS3. With something for everyone, you’ll love this good humoured space epic. A sequel,  Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time is also out now.

Uncharted 2

The best game of the generation.

Released in 2009 to much critical and commercial success, Uncharted 2 sets the bar for third person action games. Part Tomb Raider and part Indiana Jones, Uncharted 2 combines big action, huge environments and a twisted, globe trotting story to make it the best game of 2009, and in my opinion, the best game this generation so far. Watch out for the incredible opening level and the unforgettable Sasquatch fight in the ice cave.

Modern Warfare 2

One of the more controversial video games in recent history, the best game in the Call Of Duty franchise- Modern Warfare 2- is definitely not for the kids. It’s a super fast, intense first person shooter which is worth buying for the controversy alone- the Zakhaev Airport scene should be experienced by every adult gamer. A better game overall than is successor Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2 is a must buy for any PS3 or 360 owner. The original Modern Warfare is also available for around $50.

Little Big Planet 2

Unleash your creativity with this Sony exclusive platformer. With a heavy emphasis on user generated content, LBP allows the gamer to create their own characters, levels and play style, and share them with the world via the internet. Fun and unique, LBP is a reason to own a PS3.

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Saints Row 2

At under $20, Saints Row 2 is the ultimate bad-ass sandbox game.Go anywhere and do anything in this violent, over the top and very adult third person action game. Crazy characters and insane weapons, along with a heap of adult humour make Saints Row 2 a real guilty pleasure.

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50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

50 Cent’s second foray into video gaming may be self aware and self indulgent (it’s 50 Cent after all), but it’s still surprisingly good fun. Good variety of missions and an intuitive cover system combined with a kick ass ‘fiddy soundtrack- Blood On The Sand is a great value 3rd person shooter and something a little different. Give it a go for under $20.

Resistance 2

Yet another blockbuster FPS, Resistance 2 offers a massive post apocalyptic world full of awesome enemies, insane weapons and over the top action. The wide variety of missions and some memorable set pieces, including a riveting siege in an old house make Resistance 2 an overall better single player game than the super popular and reasonably similar Killzone 2. The scale of this game will blow you away and for under $30, this is why you own a PS3.


It’s MotorStorm festival, and it’s up to you to become champion. Race over super dangerous terrain as a truck, ATV or motorbike in the same race. Heart stopping fun with spectacular crashes, this PS3 launch title is still fun today- it’s the first game I ever played on the system and I still remember being blown away by the (then) cutting edge graphics. One for the whole family, just stay away from the awful six-axis control option.

ModNation Racers

Mario Kart Klone.

It’s the closet thing any other console has to Mario Kart, and it’s quite honestly nearly as good. The create a track component is awesome and easy for beginners to create a basic track, and thanks to a dedicated online community, there is an almost limitless supply of new tracks to play so you’ll never get bored. It’s also one of the few PS3 games to include a 4 player split screen mode, something Mario Kart players have been taking for granted since 1995. ModNation Racers was sadly under rated and overlooked on it’s release, especially in Australia- but at least we can be thankful the price has come down to under $40. An absolute steal.

Sonic & Sega: All Stars Racing

Mario Kart Klone 2.

Like ModNation Racers, Sonic & Sega: All Stars Racing borrows many ideas from (and owes it’s very existence to) the Mario Kart franchise. Unlike ModNation Racers, however, S&SASR brings virtually nothing new to the party. Everything in the game is lifted from Mario Kart- but if you’ve played MK to death and you’re looking for something new- there is quite a bit of fun to be had here. The game looks pretty on PS3, there’s plenty of tracks to choose from, plenty of characters and nicely balanced weapons and karts to race with. The tracks are also fun and have a good range of difficulty. It’s pretty much everything you want in a Mario Kart klone -including a 4 player split screen mode, and it’s one of the few games to come remotely close to capturing the essence of Nintendo’s franchise. The omission of any multiplayer “cup” or tournament mode is baffling, however, and going back to the menu every time you want to race a new track is quite annoying. That said, it’s the second best Mario Kart Klone there is, and if you don’t own a Wii it’s a great purchase for under $30.

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What do you think of my list so far? What am I missing? What games desperately need to be here? Let me know by leaving a comment!

  • JamesTurk

    Modnation Racers is not a Mario Kart clone, just because a game happens to be in the carting genre doesn’t make it a MK clone.

    And seriously, that horrible 50 cent game? Are you kidding me? That game is awful LMAO!

    Where is Valkyria Chronicles, LAIR, Disgaea 3, Yakuza 3+4 etc?

  • Jared

    I have to agree w/ James. I can’t discredit some of the games on the list [as much as I want to] because I haven’t played them. But the Yakuza Series are among the best Bang for the Buck Type game. There’s almost WAY to much to do in that game. The only loophole is that it has an acquired taste-and for those who are stuck in the FPS pit, most probably wouldn’t appreciate it. I’d also have to say that MGS4 belongs on the list, naturally.

  • tsuu

    Good point Jared but with that being said, would those who are “stuck in the fps pit” really be able to enjoy LBP2 or the other racers on the list any more than they would with Yakuza? Just a thought

  • Hm

    You forgot Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Both excellent value given the size and breadth of their gaming worlds.

  • trylle

    yeah,this list sucks balls from a analastraw.
    first off,why in the holy mother of ass do you have 50cent as valued game.just the thought of you guys suggestion this is a good game it only showes how sucky the person who suggested this.

    Why isnt GT5 on the list,I have played GT5 for like 1.5month now and still im not even half way in the game.You cant play Uncharted games and say the same things.

    Where is the ninja gaiden sigma games on the list,probably one of the most valuable games regarding gameplay since NG is pretty hard is as a gamer i have tried out alot of games and this is the game that rewarding to complete because of the difficulty.
    and uncharted series is not the game best game of the decade,I havent played it but,its all about shooting,ducking moving and platforming and only fanboys think these game are good.

    and btw,none of your games that are listed as top value ps3 games are worth buying,I wouldnt play them if I get paid for it.