pokemon wallpaperBig W have come good again with a pretty decent price of $44 for Pokemon X and  Y.

The offer is only available until Wednesday, October 16 so you’ve only got a few days after the game is released this Saturday.

There’s nothing exciting happening in terms of bundles of collector’s editions, which is a shame. Anyway, here’s a wrap up of other retail prices out there.

EB Games: $59.95

Harvey Norman: $59

Target: $59

JB H-Fi: $54

It’s good to see Big W keeping the prices down for AAA releases. It’s slim pickings in Australia, and while some might scoff at this being an actual decent price, I am too scared to even look at what Nintendo will be charging on the eShop for these games. Anyway, as usual I’ll post and tweet any better prices I see.

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  • anon

    HAHAHAH bigw is an absolute joke. Went to my store they have been sold out for over 2 weeks for this game. Common bait and switch from these jokers, not buying from them ever again screw their price when they only stock 10 units