nlandNintendo Land is an awesome game. It’s a deep, nicely rounded package with tons of content that really showcases the potential of the Wii U gamepad. Critics have loved it, it’s selling well and has the largest Miiverse community by a long, long way (mostly due to it being packaged with the Premium Pack, but still). As with any game though, there’s room for improvement. I noticed a few things Nintendo could do (now they can patch their games) to help improve Nintendo Land and ensure its longevity as a showpiece for Wii U and the innovative new controller.

1. Ten Seconds is too long to wait if you’re the chaser in Sweet Day and Mario Chase. I think this breaks up the momentum. You really shouldn’t have to wait ten seconds, I mean the maps are so small, where is it taking the runner ten seconds to go? Nintendo should shorten the escape time to five seconds. Taking five seconds away may not sound like much but I reckon waiting five rather than ten seconds would be much less painful.

2. There’s no Pro Controller support. This was a big oversight on Nintendo’s part. Why can’t I run around in Mario Chase with the pro controller? Using the Wii remote’s d-pad, although a little awkward at first, is fine for a while but after a few rounds of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion your thumb gets a little bit sore. Playing with the Pro controller should at least be an option. Wii Classic Controller support would be a bonus. Even if the game keeps digital (four direction) controls it would still be more comfortable to use an analogue stick. The solution here is simple. Add Pro Controller and Classic controller support.


3. There’s no multiplayer in a lot of the attractions, and no single player in others. This is baffling. To have the majority of attractions without multiplayer in a game whose sole purpose was to show how Wii U can bring local multiplayer back to the fore. It would have been simple to have four player split screen in Captain Falcon’s Twister Race (why they went with tilt controls is beyond me) or add two or four player hot-seat matches to Yoshi’s Fruit Cart, Ninja Castle, or DK’s Crash Course. Likewise they could have included single player Mario Chase with four computer Yoshi’s chasing you- or a Sweet Day mode where you can hunt down CPU controlled animals.

4. There’s no online multiplayer. Here’s another baffling omission from Nintendo. Wii U was supposed the herald an new era of online accessability for Nintendo owners. No online in Wii Sports was bad enough six years ago, so for Wii U’s flagship game to lack online play was very disappointing. A patch to include an online multiplayer option would be an amazing addition and an awesome thank you to early Wii U adopters. It would also go some way to demonstrate Nintendo is serious about embracing online gaming.


5. Donkey Kong Crash Course is too hard. I love a challenge, but damn. Having to go back to the very start and having only four lives to begin with is a bit rough. I think in order for more people (myself included) to enjoy the game and see everything it has to offer, you should be able to start from the level of your choice. Once you beat level one twice you can move on to level two- whether this is to train you or just tease you is unclear. Either way, I think after you beat a level twice it should be selectable as a start point whenever you want. Maybe I’m just being a sore loser, but I certainly don’t have the time or patience to go through the courses from the start time after time. Having said that though, I really feel like playing Crash Course right now. Damn it’s addictive.

. . .

I’m not technically minded enough to know if a patch or two can fix all these issues, but it would sure be great. What else in Nintendo Land could be improved? Let me know by leaving a comment here on rustyshell. Follow me on twitter: @rustyshell and on Miiverse: zinger_AU

  • Jdsampsonite

    I agree with online and donkey kong. Those would make a great game even better. More levels in mario chase and animal crossing would also be good.

  • dmcarefuldriver

    I disagree with all of these. But first off, this would be one pretty huge “patch.” More like a totally different game.
    1. Really? You can’t wait an extra 5 seconds?
    2. You’re right that the control pad is a bit uncomfortable for these games. I’d go with nunchuck support though.
    3. How exactly would the single player extractions become multiplayer without more gamepads? You do realize Nintendo isn’t selling them right now.
    4. The whole point of the game is bringing families together for a social experience. Online play wouldn’t fit here.
    5. Keep trying and you’ll get it. I’m not that good and after a couple dozen tries I did it.

  • Draconian

    i disagree with all of these except online support, i think that the single player games should have online multiplayer like balloon trip and captain falcons racing. but on the other hand one thing that would make this game great is if they simply added online multiplayer to metroid. i think having a team of 4 samus and a ship on one wii u console and finding anopther team to play against team death match style would be awesome, or maybe online co op with arial quest or even online all arial battles even if metroid was the only online game it would make nintendoland much more than what it is now

  • Victor

    Disagree with all but #2. They should at least give you the option. (same for Deus Ex, Donkey Kong, Lego City and so on)