3dslogoI wrote a piece the other week about what I was looking forward to on Wii U in 2013. There’s heaps. But for 3DS this year, considering I’m not a Pokemon fan, there’s not too much that’s been announced I’m legitimately look forward to. Besides the imminent integration of Miiverse to 3DS, on the games front there’s only a few. Here they are.


Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

Well, this would be on everyone’s list but in terms of big name 3DS games there’s nothing more anticipated than Dark Moon. The sequel to a Gamecube game I only ever played for a few minutes, Dark Moon promises 3 mansions to explore and a local multiplayer mode. The footage looks exciting and Nintendo knows the series has a pre-installed fan base, so I’m expecting big things from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I never played the original Wii game, nor would I buy the upcoming Wii U port. Monster Hunter seems like too much of a slog, especially considering you’d have to sit in front of that TV for so long to get the most out of it. Monster Hunter as a portable experience might be another story. I can take it with me and play in bursts, or I can sit in bed and play whenever I want. I find it difficult to get into time sinking RPG’s at the best of times, but the idea of carrying around a third person adventure really appeals to me. I’m really looking forward to what MH3 will have to offer. Here’s hoping for better-than-Wii graphics.

Jett Rocket The Wrath Of Taiki

Jett Rocket was a high quality Wiiware title in a sea of not-so-high-quality Wiiware titles. Back in 2011 there a sequel was announced, and hopefully the game delivers a fun and engaging platform experience for 3DS like the Wii version did a few years ago.

Coaster Creator 3D

I love a good roller coaster. I’ve ridden them all around the world and anything roller coaster related is alright by me. According to developer Big John’s website, Coaster Creator 3D lets you “Build your own roller coasters using fast and intuitive touch screen drawing and editing controls, and share roller coaster creations with friends and online communities through the use of QR Code® graphics.” Sound like a winner to me.

There’s some major releases like a new Fire Emblem game that I’m not excited for, but what else am I missing? Let me know by leaving a comment! You can follow me on twitter: @rustyshell or Miiverse: zinger_AU